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Automotive Social Media Marketing Ideas For Small Car Dealerships.

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Automotive Social Media Marketing Ideas

When it comes to social media marketing your business needs to showcase its PERSONALITY!

Automotive dealerships must have personality in the community. I’m sure you realized that in the automotive sales industry, servicing enough customers who’ll refer you to their friends and so on is what ultimately builds the business.

Now when you think about personality and those people you remember as you reflect back through life, most if not all will fit into two relational categories:

1) Established Long-Term Relationships –

These are your parents, co-workers, family and friends who you’ve had many experiences with. In reference to business marketing, it’s those businesses who have been around for decades and have built a solid reputation that attracts steady referrals. You must have time invested to rank as an established business.

2) Impactful Charismatic Relationships –

Do you remember that person who came into your life for a short time, but somehow made a huge impact on you? They gave you attention, listened to your problems and made things seem OK, all because they cared. That’s what I call impactful & charismatic. For a startup business, being impactful is the only way to break through the wall of your prospective customers and earn their goodwill.

So how is this relevant to small car dealerships and social media marketing?

We all are aware that people buy from businesses they know, like and trust.

In examining who you’ve personally done business with in the past, it’s very likely that you either knew of the business for a long while due to its established reputation or that particular business was so impactful with its presentation that you had to give it a try.

So in other words, if you own a small car dealership that has just opened its doors within the last 3 years your reputation in the community has yet to be established.

Which means if you want to be a leading automotive provider in your community you need to bring charismatic impactful value to standout from your competitors.

Side Note: It is assumed that your inventory, customer service and delivery process is at least equivalent to that of other small car dealerships in your community. Good marketing can’t remedy bad service.

When we understand that people buy from people they like, we then should be curious as to what makes people like you.

There’s all kinds of reasons a person might like you, but there’s one type of person or business everyone likes… And that’s a GIVER.

If you want your social media marketing to close more deals then you need to GIVE!

You need to give something of value to your community that no other small car dealership offers.

I’m not talking about free gas cards, oil changes, auto detailing, etc. Although they could be great methods to reward loyal customers.

I’m talking about giving something completely unique and different that helps to identify your dealership as an authority within your community.

What you give should positively impact the lives of prospective customers residing in your service area.

And believe it or not, it should be something that has nothing to do with selling cars. I know it sounds crazy, but please hear me out…

Some of the best car dealerships and even car salesmen have made it to the top not by using marketing to sell cars. They did it by building strong, trustworthy relationships.

Take Joe Girard for example, he was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the seller of the most cars in a year (1,425 in 1973). He averaged 867 cars per year from 1963 to 1978. That’s more units than most small car dealerships.

How did he do it? He simply followed a system of sending handwritten postcards to all of his customers on birthdays and holidays.

In fact, Ali Reda the salesman who broke Joe Girards record in 2017 with 1,582 cars in a single year, admitted that he himself used the same type of marketing system that Girard had used to climb to reach top.

So here are two of the best car salesmen ever, telling you that selling cars is not about the best deal, it’s about building quality relationships with the people you serve.

The reason so many small car dealerships fail with social media marketing is because all their posts are about the great deals they have with endless pictures of automobiles.

This can be a turn off for consumers who ARE in the market for a vehicle, let alone the residents who AREN’T looking.

If Not Cars, Then What?

You might be asking… “If I can’t use automotive social media to showcase my in-stock vehicle inventory then what should I promote?”

That’s THE PERFECT Question! Want to know the answer… Digital Events!

Hosting a digital event can quickly connect you with your target customers by allowing you to give away something of value.

Digital events will also provide you with plenty of fresh ideas for exciting content that can be used on social media.

What if instead of posting your latest trade in, you decided to host a digital event that would give recognition to local residents who are movers and shakers in the community?

This is just one digital event idea but could you imagine the impact?

You’ll instantly earn respect from the movers and shakers you feature, as well as their personal network of friends & family.

And when these people are in the market for a vehicle who do you think they’ll remember first? Yes… YOU!

Here’s A List Of Benefits Your Small Car Dealership Can Get By Hosting Digital Events:

1) Lead Generation –

A digital event, properly executed, will always have a sales landing page designed to capture contact information.

Consistently building a list of prospects that you can follow up with regularly is essential for massive business growth.

Even though many of the people who join your list may not be ready to buy a car now, there’s a great chance that they will eventually need one in the future. Or they may know someone who does.

For this reason, you should get as many prospects as you can on your lead generation list as quickly as possible.

Digital events are excellent for generating big lists of potential customers!

2) Social Media Marketing Content –

Social media marketing is, at its core, about fun, exciting and interesting content. No one gets on social media to buy cars.

When you host an entertaining digital event that captures the attention of local residents, it will give you endless ideas for posts, pictures and videos to use on automotive social media.

Taking the example of “movers & shakers”, you could easily post a branded video or graphic that tells this person’s story. Isn’t that what people want to see; good things about others who live in the community?

Which do you think has a better chance of getting tons of likes & shares, a picture of a trade-in or a success story about a local resident?

You want to go with the option that has the best potential of establishing your brand’s reputation.

Digital events can provide limitless social media content ideas that will spread the news of your small car dealership much farther than pics of vehicles.

3) Stimulate Word-Of-Mouth –

Great events are known for popping up in casual conversations.

People love talking about exciting activities that are going on in the community, so why not give it to them?

I’ll put it this way, very little will care about what cars you have on your lot, but many will care what their friend has to say about being a “mover & shaker”.

With digital events the “story” will transcend social media and will be discussed at people’s jobs, schools, homes, etc.

I speak with so many businesses who love to rant & rave about word of mouth, but what if they gave their customers something worth praising? Think of how far that could spread! Wild-Fire!

4) Become A Local Authority –

An authority in any industry is a business that has risen above the competition by delivering something of value to those they serve.

Doing the same tired marketing that everyone else is doing will not make you an authority.

However if you were to feature your business with a unique and entertaining digital event you could immediately separate yourself from the competition.

Even if your digital event has nothing to do with car sales, those who follow will see your value.

Going back to Joe Girard and his birthday cards, it wasn’t the car price that sealed the deal. It was that Joe cared enough to acknowledge their special day.

His professionalism made him an authority figure in the eyes of his customers. (Absolutely nothing to do with cars.)

Be an authority in the eyes of your prospects, host a digital event that unites the community!

These are just 4 reasons why hosting a digital event is one of the best marketing ideas for small car dealerships to conduct on social media.

If you’d like to learn more about creating a lead generating digital event for your small dealership, we would be honored to help you come up with an effective plan.

Contact us today at support@ulivewv.com!

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