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Get More Local Customers With Digital Event Marketing

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Are you a small business owner who’s tired of trying to find the perfect mix of marketing strategies to build your customer base?

What if instead of using the traditional “Shotgun” approach at marketing, you were able to “Laser-Focus” your marketing budget and cut right directly to more leads, sales, and loyal customers.

Wouldn’t that be a great relief?

With Digital Event Marketing you can create a short, community-inspired, promotional campaign that will make your business “The talk of the town”; and at the same time, you’ll get more local customers ready to buy your products/services.

Just think about the amount of money you’ve spent testing the various methods of advertising.

Did you have a specific “call to action”?
Could you capture customer leads?
Was the local community on-board with your message?
Did it REALLY strengthen your brand?

I hope you answered YES to all of those questions because if you didn’t your money may have been wasted on aimless advertising.

With the power of digital event marketing, you’ll be able to package your overall message in a way that appeals to your local community.

You can then use that message to get more local customers by including a trackable lead generation system allowing you to capture every single lead.

And once it’s all set up and ready to go, you’ll be able to reach an attentive audience eager to learn more about your business.


How Can You Get More Local Customers Using Digital Event Marketing?


You would create your event marketing campaign just like any good product… Find a need and fill it.

You may have heard the phrase “content is king” in relation to internet marketing.

But this statement holds true with ANY form of marketing that involves people. Especially “local” people!

The phrase “content is king” basically means that if you want to win the attention of your audience you’re going to have to deliver exceptional value.

For a small business to use this in their local neighborhood, it means they must provide community content that’s more than just “Buy My Stuff”.

Being a benefactor of quality community content is much more than a technique for business promotion, you’ll want to take a good look at the needs of your community and position yourself, along with your business, as a genuine contributor.

For example, if you feel there isn’t enough entertainment for youth in your area, then use that as a catalyst for your digital event campaign. Why not sponsor talented local kids and give them an online platform with the resources they’ll need to show off their skills.

Or maybe you sell tires and would like to run a monthly online giveaway granting a free set of tires to a deserving resident. That is a great story locals will love hearing and sharing about.

A funeral home or life insurance agency might hold a special online webinar with the theme of “The Greatest Moments” where seniors can discuss the joys of life.

Each example given would qualify as “Quality Community Content”. As you’re promoting your business, you’re also promoting a cause of priceless value.


Additional Reasons To Get More Local Customers With Digital Event Marketing.


Small Campaigns. Big Results. – Make your digital event marketing campaign as short or as long as you’d like.

Your campaign could be a video training course with a series of 5 videos or an ongoing weekly webinar that will continue indefinitely.

However, there’s is value in scarcity, because people will take action much faster if they know the product won’t be around long.

Need to boost sales quick? Create a short digital event that highlights the benefits of your services. Get a handful of past customers to give a testimonial to build up social proof.


Connect With Your Community – Including members of your community is essential for a successful digital event campaign.

We regularly hear how important it is to support local business and it’s true, supporting small business helps local the community tremendously. 

But if you truly want people to buy local as opposed to the many other enticing options they have, you’ll need to reciprocate by showing your support of local residents.


Build Your Brand & Reputation – Your local residents have more marketing clout than any media agency!

The average Facebook user has over 338 friends and family members. 

A well-planned digital event campaign could easily go “local viral” reaching thousands of residents.

Residents hold the power of reviews and ratings. 80% of those who use the internet check reviews before making a purchase. One bad review could mean many lost sales.

Blogs and community websites are becoming more and more prominent online, even in your local area. 

Give these local influencers a positive message to spread about your business and be rewarded with mounds of citations, links, and content that will increase your search rankings.

Articles about your business will remain on the internet for a long time, so make sure the information potential customers find encourages them to move forward in doing business with you.


Prep For A LIVE EventDigital events are an excellent precursor for LIVE community events.

You can build a sizeable customer list with a digital event and then use that list to increase attendance for a LIVE in-person event.

This technique will enable you to get more local customers by collecting their email addresses or mobile phone numbers for texting.

How wonderful would it be to have the peace of mind knowing you’ve already established a list of people interested in attending your event?

There are many reasons to get started with digital event marketing. It very well may be the best form of marketing to get more local customers for your small business.

You can learn more about creating digital events by downloading our ebook The Event Entrepreneur.

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