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Auto Dealership Digital Marketing And Community Event Promotion

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Auto Dealership Digital Marketing

Face it, no one needs to beat the door down to your auto dealership. There are just way too many options available. I mean we’re living in a time where consumers can order a car online and have it delivered directly to their homes.


So what can you do to promote your auto dealership effectively?
Stay in YOUR lane.


I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before, “stay in your lane”. It basically means quit trying stuff that everyone else is doing and focus on YOUR strengths. What you can bring to the table.

This is an important message as we discuss auto dealership digital marketing, because nowadays, digital marketing doesn’t just cover ONE particular methodology.

It could entail PPC advertising, social media, content development, business blogging, digital product creation and much more.

Each and every one of the digital marketing methods I just mentioned can be effective when  executed properly. But how can you know which is the best for your auto dealership?


I would guesstimate that 99.9% of businesses
approach digital marketing backwards.


You see, instead of figuring out HOW to provide irresistible value to their community and then use the best platform to communicate that message; most businesses choose to begin by promoting empty, thoughtless messages on a platform that they heard does well for their industry.

An approach like that, in digital marketing, will only get you lost amongst all the rest of your competitors who are reading from the exact same playbook.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt after 7 years in auto sales is that people buy from personalities.
They buy from other people who they like, know and trust. So simple, yet so easy to under-appreciate.

So many times I’ve heard, “I’m making this purchase only because I like you.” And the more I realized the importance of staying in MY lane.

You see, when I consulted with a customer, I understood that the last thing they would be buying
was a car. The first thing is ME, second is “buying” the idea of following me down MY lane (or process), and the third and final thing is making an agreement to buy the vehicle.

My “lane” is that I am exceptionally good at low pressure, not passive (you know the difference), sales techniques that help to deliver a friendly experience, while asking for their business.

That one line literally describes MY “lane”. What I regularly set to give and achieve from each customer encounter.


What Do “lanes” have to do with Auto Dealership Digital Marketing?


That was a long story just to say… Digital Marketing is just a toolbox, and you need a Plan.

We don’t pick up a hammer, look at it, and say, “build me a house!”. No, if you want a house YOU must use the tool. There’s no other way. Unless you pay someone else to do it, but you get my point.

You need a plan, and it MUST originate with YOU and your staff. It’s unique staff personalities that can make an uncomfortable experience absolutely marvelous. But is that a value point for your business? Is your staff marvelous or mediocre? Whichever you choose, you MUST “stay in your lane”.

Another value point worth considering is community involvement. Is your auto dealership involved in local community events, education, charities, developmental projects, etc.? Again, your answer, your lane.

Genuine community involvement will, without doubt, add value to your auto dealerships lane. And, although good, I’m not talking only about giving to charity or sponsoring the local football team.

What I’m talking about is actively engaging within the community. You know… getting out there in the streets like a news reporter and asking random residents, “Does a nice car, help make a good first impression?”

I know. That wasn’t what you were thinking, but it helps to bring me to my next point. We’re living in an age where even an auto dealership can produce entertaining media and build an audience.


What Producing Entertaining Media
Has To Do With Auto Dealership Digital Marketing?


The short answer is EVERYTHING! Let me ask, why is getting a super bowl commercial one of the most coveted advertising opportunities? Because a lot of people LOVE to watch football. And some companies, with very deep pockets, have the finances to capitalize on it.

Today you can create your own small entertaining productions that can be promoted using digital marketing. You may not reach millions of viewers. However, you’ll be going for quality local followers and not quantity.


Creating Digital Event & Community Entertainment Promotions


Digital events are short campaigns that can help your auto dealership amp up its community involvement. They are primarily operated online using the most applicable digital marketing techniques. Get the toolbox.


When you know your “lane”, you can use digital events to engage and communicate with your community.


For example, at the auto dealership I used to work at, there were a handful of employees who supported the local county fair. This would’ve been a wonderful inspiration for a digital event.

One idea that just popped in my head is “Guess the cars in the barn?” Your auto dealership could rent a “barn” at the fair, put in 5-10 different cars from different decades, and video fair goers taking a shot at guessing the make, model and year.

But that’s not it… you’re at the fair! Walk around and interview some willing participants, do a short review of the fair food, let people test drive the latest model on the lot. Gather content!

Once you’ve collected ample content, you can then condense it into small content bites (still images, video clips, info-graphics, audios, etc.) and release on social media.

This is just an example of one way you can use automotive dealership event promotions to increase community involvement and promote your auto dealership.

Of course a fully planned digital event will include a complete strategy for maximum engagement and lead generation.

I hope you’ve gotten some idea as to how small digital events can improve your auto dealership digital marketing efforts. If I’ve sparked your interest and you’d like a custom digital event idea, feel free to contact me at

I see a time where independent community films and movies will be produced by small businesses. What’s funny, is the infrastructure is already in place for it to be successful.

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