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Social Media Marketing Packages For Small Businesses

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Social Media Marketing Packages

Do you know what the most important components are when searching for social media packages for small businesses?

If you don’t, it’s ok, because in the next few minutes I’ll be sharing details on one of the best social media marketing packages for small businesses to get more sales.

In the last 5 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of small businesses.

What I’ve found is that business owners absolutely love how easily social media helps to connect their brand with their ideal customer.

I also learned that, in most cases, small business owners either took care of their own social media marketing, had one of their employees do it or they outsource it to a teenager for a little cash.

No matter how these small businesses decide to divvy out the tasks of social media marketing, they all seem to run into the same problems…


1) Not enough content

Promoting your small business with social media requires the production of fresh quality content.

Yes, you can post “today’s special” on a daily basis, but if building solid relationships with your followers is important you’re gonna need more to keep them interested.


2) Very little sales

It’s exciting to see followers liking, sharing and engaging with your posts, but what does it take to get them to buy?

Social Media might be social for others, but for small businesses it’s all about the profits.


3) Neglecting search engines

Business owners sometimes get so caught up with social media marketing that they completely forget the importance of increasing their rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Believe it or not, not everyone is on social media. Many consumers still use search to locate businesses and the higher your listing the better your chances of getting found.

You’d be surprised at how many of your very own social media followers will go to Google or Bing, and search for services your business offers.

That’s why your social media marketing should include good search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to keep you listed at the top of search results.

These are the top three problems I’ve run into when working with small businesses and social media marketing.


AND here’s the SOLUTION!


Let me introduce you to the best social media marketing package for small businesses!

The following package was designed to provide small business owners with the tools and content needed to generate sales using social media.

Once you see the massive benefits this package has to offer, you won’t need to pay a social media agency to make a couple posts. You can easily manage it yourself.


ULiveUSA’S Social Media Marketing Kit for Small Businesses.


As a result of much research and testing I’ve combined the most effective social media marketing techniques all in one package.

This marketing package for small business includes everything that I personally use in my own campaigns to double my traffic, capture more leads and convert them into sales.


1) Sales Promotion Landing Page –

If you want to turn your engaged followers into high quality leads, you must have a promotional landing page.

This is the most important tool for moving interested fans into hot prospects. And without a landing page your efforts are not as effective.

Having a promotional landing page allows you to make a super special offer to your followers.

Those who want to take advantage of your offer will have to submit their contact information giving you a chance to followup for future sales.

Landing pages work to identify social followers who are serious about doing business with you. Making it much easier to sell more of your products and services.

We’ll set up a custom landing page so your social media marketing efforts reap maximum results.


2) Email List Building –

If there’s one thing that’s terribly wrong with social media networks it’s not having full control of contacting your followers.

With Facebook, only 35% of your followers see your posts. To reach more you have to pay to boost posts.

In Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter your posts get pushed down the feed so fast, most of your followers never have the opportunity to view them.

This is why you need to build an email list using social media marketing. Once social followers subscribe to your list you have 100% control over when and why you communicate.

Most importantly, you can contact All of your subscribers with the click of a button.

Once we setup your promotional landing page we’ll be able to capture your leads and build a solid email list for your business.


3) 10 Eye-catching Images (Pinterest Style) –

I am a huge advocate for Pinterest mainly because half of my website traffic comes from the platform and I’ve experienced great success with it.

Another reason I like Pinterest is because the graphics that I use can seamlessly be spread across all the other social media platforms.

Since the images are normally descriptive and catch the eye of people scanning through posts, they eliminate having to create new content for each platform.

We’ll supply you with 10 eye-catching, campaign relevant images for you to post on your favorite social media platforms.


4) 2 Industry Specific SEO 500 Word Articles –

As I mentioned above, it’s crucial that you work on your search engine rankings in conjunction with social media.

Industry optimized articles offer two value-building benefits for marketing your small business.

First, it’s simply more content that can be shared with your followers.

The article might be a few tips on how the reader can use your services to achieve their goals faster. Whatever that may be.

Quality written articles are wonderful tools for establishing credibility & authority with your followers.

Plus it’s really easy to post links to your articles on any social platform.

Secondly, search engine optimized articles are key players in getting your business found on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Just think of all the search terms that could be used by consumers to find your business; wouldn’t it be nice to show up for as many of those terms as possible?

We’ll write 2 500 word articles for your business. Both will be optimized to get traffic on social media and in search engines.


5) 2 Article Distribution –

For even more visibility with your articles, we’ll distribute them to the top bookmarking and directory sites online.

This will greatly improve your online presence and give your promotion page more opportunities to be seen.

With a little research we’ll post your articles to sites where your prospective costumer will likely discover them.


Who Is This Social Media Marketing Package Best For?

The ULiveUSA social media marketing kit is best for the “do-it-yourself (DIY)” business owner who would like some help producing ongoing content.

After you’ve posted all of the images and articles we provide for you, just get in touch and we’ll create more. It’s that simple!

No long contracts or commitments. We do the work as you need it. And if you decide you’d like a complete done-for-you service we can do that as well.


How Much Is ULiveUSA’s Social Media Marketing Package for Small Businessess?

To summarize you’re getting…

1) Sales Promotion Landing Page
2) Email List Building
3) 10 Industry Graphic Images
4) 2 (500 word) Industry Specific Articles
5) Distribution of 2 Articles

That’s everything you need to set fire to your social media marketing and get more sales!

I have sold this package in the past for $750 to local small businesses, but for my online friends I’ve discounted the price down to just $299!

I can host your landing page for free or if you want full access and control it will be an additional $29/month.

Being a small business owner myself and having worked with so many, I understand what it’s like to get things done on a shoestring budget.

To get a complete social media marketing kit for just $299 is a deal you’d be silly to say no to.

Ready to get started? Contact me now at support@ulivewv.com

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