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How To Make Money Online During Coronavirus

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How To Make Money Online During Coronavirus

As governments all around the world are suggesting that individuals keep from attending large gatherings in a attempt to decrease the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), many businesses are following suit by encouraging people to work from home or  to stop working at all.

We’re also seeing schools, religious congregations, and many other organizations cancelling/postponing  events to help eliminate the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread.

We all hope these precautions will indeed stop the coronavirus in its tracks. But as restaurants, small businesses and big corporations temporarily shut their doors, workers are losing jobs as well as going through stressful pay cuts.

Due to the interruption of work, many people are seeing their income suffer at the cost of the coronavirus. However, there are hidden opportunities within every challenge we experience.

It seems the coronavirus (COVID-19), and the need to distance ourselves, is causing more people to access the internet for work, social engagement, entertainment & information.

Some are even using this opportunity to learn alternative methods to make money online. Which makes complete sense, due to the undeniable importance the internet plays in our society.

So if you’d like to learn a few ideas on how to make money online during, and after, the coronavirus keep reading…


Here Are 5 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online During Coronavirus

If you’re suffering from an income decrease because of the coronavirus, or you’d just like to make some extra money online from your home, the ideas below will be extremely helpful.

Whenever you search on the internet to find ways to search remote working jobs, almost 90% of the search results are pure scams and rip-offs. The rest of 10% demand so much time and skills that, an average person cannot cope up to the requirements of the websites. I have scoured through every site on the internet and found these easy ways to work from home.

  1. Start A Blog Or A Website

You can setup a blog for as little as $2.95 per month (that is way less than a cup of coffee). No previous or new skills are required. You’ll just need a little creativity and imagination to create content your visitors would enjoy consuming.

If you need help setting up your blog and would like to learn all you need to make it profitable, you can get free setup and training by visiting My Online Startup.

The most profitable blogs are niche specific and cover topics like:



Health & Fitness



Pretty much any topic you can think of.

  1. Participate In Surveys To Make An Extra $250+ Per Month

Are you the type of person who likes to get paid for completing simple tasks, then surveys might be a great way for you to earn extra money.

Just answer online surveys or product tests and bring in cash from home. You can, with consistent effort make an extra $250 per month while viewing T.V.

These sorts of sites let you win some additional money as well as get compensated through vouchers, prize drawings, free items, and so forth.

Have a look at some of the survey sites below. All of these sites have been vetted and  stand true to what they offer. Each provides instant PayPal payments and are free to sign up.

  1. Become A Freelancer or Freelance Writer

One thing the Internet will always need is CONTENT. Because of this, you can significantly expand your income by becoming a freelance content creator.

Sites like Upwork have a large number of business owners who need to hire freelancers for a wide range of projects where you can compose or alter anything from videos to business articles. Get paid for each and every project.

With enough projects you can quickly grow your side-hustle into a steady source of income from home.

  1. Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to make some real money, without ever having to worry about 9-5 jobs, we would recommend you start learning affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is sales process by which an online retailer pays a flat fee or predetermined commission for qualified conversions. In short, you get paid to share products or services to others.

Affiliate marketing is another way of earning some side money. The market is really competitive these days, but with the guidance of a great training program like My Online Startup, you could earn some serious money and be successful on the internet too.

Here are some foundational tips and tools that My Online Startup will assist you with:

  • First of all, you have to a platform. You’ll learn how to make a blog or website and generate traffic. There are many ways you can do affiliate marketing, but having your own digital platform is by far the easiest and most profitable. And if you have zero technical skills, the staff at My Online Startup will setup your blog for free.
  • At My Online Startup they let you know the best products you can sell to bring in steady income online.
  • MyOnlineStartup offers an “inner circle” where you can get direct access to exclusive business building tools as well as your own coach to maximize your earning potential.
  • At My Online Startup you’ll never struggle with the traffic again because you’ll learn how you can generate the highest quality targeted traffic, free of cost.
  • We bet no one taught you how online millionaires are made simply by sending emails. This training will show you how to grow a huge list of prospects and turn them into sales. These people really teach you how to make a targeted email list.
  • Yes, with My Online Startup you can generate commissions by sending out carefully crafted emails that convert leads into buyers! These skills will finally allow you to make money online from home!
  1. Make Money Selling PLR Products.

PLR content is pre-written content that someone else has created. But here’s the deal… you are allowed to copy/paste it into your site, edit it, publish it, and even sell it as your own. There are multiple ways to make extra cash by using PLR products.

PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’ which basically means you get all rights to use the content as you choose.

PLR can be blog posts, product reviews, ebooks, opt-in guides, etc. etc. The most effective way to sell PLR products is to create unique content that’s relative to the product you’ve chosen to sell.

You can do this by writing a simple article covering a topic that intrigues readers and encourages them to learn more by purchasing your PLR product.

Selling PLR products can earn you 100% profit per sale. Once you’ve secured the rights to sell a PLR product it is yours to sell to as many people as you’d like at the cost you set. Your customers will get instant access to their purchase, and you’ll get paid instantly to your PayPal account.

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