Online paid surveys are a great way to earn cash for tasks for free. With nothing more than a computer or mobile phone, you can sign up for survey companies and begin earning extra cash.

To get you started instantly we’ve already taken the time to find the 7 best survey sites and you can sign up for them by visiting our Earn Cash For Tasks page.

Paid surveys are used by companies to conduct market research and gather opinions about their products.

They use the feedback from survey participants to help further the development of their products so they can be successfully sold in the general marketplace.

Your reward for participating in free online paid surveys will vary from each company. 

Some companies that you sign up for may only offer gift cards, points, and prizes for your participation. Others will pay you cash directly to your PayPal account. 

Although most people prefer to get paid in cash for their time, receiving gift cards is not such a bad alternative since many of the gift cards are for popular stores most people use anyway like Wal-Mart or Target.

The majority of the 7 survey sites we suggest you sign up for mostly pay cash. They’re legitimate sites with tons of members who have given extremely positive recommendations.

How To Sign Up For Free Online Paid Surveys – 5 Things To Look For:

1) How You Get Paid – The first decision you’ll want to make is determining how you’d like to get paid for your time.

If you want cold hard cash, then you’ll only want to sign up for survey companies that offer a cash option.

As it was mentioned above, companies that pay cash generally will make payment to your PayPal account or send a check. There are others that have partnered with other payment processing companies to issue payment.

If you’re a person who doesn’t mind gift cards, points, and prizes there are a couple survey companies available for you as well.

2) How Many Members? – The number of members a free online paid survey site has is a good indication of their customer relations.

Unhappy and underpaid members will rightfully abandon the site a go elsewhere. However, if the site has thousands of members with lots of interaction and swarms of testimonies you’ve most likely found a winner.

You may not want base your entire decision to sign up on this alone, but it will at least help you choose which sites to join first.

3) How Long Have They Been In Business? – Again, this alone isn’t a reason to pass up an online survey site but the longer a survey site has been in business, the better the chance it’s a dependable business that you can trust.

4) Create An Online Survey Email Address – This isn’t something to look for, it’s a highly recommended suggestion. 

Creating an email address solely for surveys will help you organize your requests. That way you won’t overlook good opportunities.

Additionally, some free online paid surveys sites will send loads of email from their affiliated businesses. Unmanaged, these emails could pack your personal email with loads of junk mail.

5) Have Fun & Make Money – Most importantly just have fun making some extra cash in your spare time!

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