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Digital Marketing For Increased Web Traffic

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There comes a time in every website’s life that traffic is going to slow down. It’s common and shouldn’t be a discouraging factor for business owners. Even the largest corporation sites experience it!

With its inevitability comes ways to fix it, and the best way to do it is with well-strategized digital marketing through social media.

Why digital marketing?

Because everyone’s online

Everyone is online nowadays, especially on social media platform giant Facebook. It has revolutionized the way we keep in touch with each other, and as of June 2017, it had 1.32 billion daily active users, and that’s just for one platform.

Moreover, the numbers continue to grow today, meaning it really is a viable goldmine for businesses looking to drive traffic to their site, and even better, for driving up sales.

There’s so much you can do

Also, online advertising allows you to conveniently utilize different types of materials, whether individually or simultaneously. You can use videos and photos and include redirecting links, you can even embed an interactive button on your site.

With lots of options to choose from with the material you can use, you won’t have to worry about losing your audience’s interest because of flat materials.

How to use social media for better traffic

So it’s been established: social media is great for improving traffic, but it’s not an automatic solution. You have to make use of it the right way to achieve your desired results. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

Choose your platforms wisely

If you want to optimize your social media usage for more traffic, it’s important to go on the right platform. What kind of audience do you wish to reach? What’s your ultimate goal? Does the platform provide the features you need?

If you plan on putting out a lot of text or images with your posts, for example, Twitter may not be the best choice as there is a quite limited character count and limit as to how many photos or videos you can upload in a single post. On the plus side, it allows you to follow people first, so actively reaching out to people is easier.

Facebook, on the other hand, allows you to upload a lot of materials and text in one post, it also has one of the most well-developed advertising options online which your page can pay for to get wider coverage. The downside, however, is that reaching more people organically isn’t so easy because of the algorithm change.

Making yourself known to niche audiences, meanwhile, such as fitness lovers, foodies, or fashionistas, is best done with Instagram as audiences here are more tightknit and it’s easy to update a larger crowd, sans sponsored content, on your business’s promos or upcoming events.

Note, however, that you don’t have to choose a single platform; you can use multiple platforms together, in fact, it’s better to use more than one for a stronger online campaign.

Develop a strategic schedule

While social media in nature is all about spontaneity, relying on spur-of-the-moment posting times can get overwhelming, especially if it’s being run by a one-man show. With that, creating a schedule of which website posts or materials you want to post on your social media pages help keep things fuss-free.

It’s also a good idea to note holidays and events in advance so they can be included, and you won’t have to worry about missing a bankable holiday or event.

Additionally, when it comes to scheduling, you have to take note of the most popular hours per platform, and make sure to share the most appropriate content (with your redirecting link or button of course) during these times, and do so with as much variety as possible.

Always keep things fresh

If there’s one thing that turns off online audiences, it’s seeing the same thing over and over again. Remember that social media and the whole of the internet is flooded with countless new content every day. Competing for the attention of the online audience with the same things time and again won’t really do you much good.

This is why a steady stream of new content is important, and when you do share old posts, do so in a way that isn’t repetitive or boring –there’s always a way to help your audience see things, especially your posts, in a new light.

Make things as audience-convenient as possible

Online users love it when navigation is made as easy as possible. Social media platforms know this which is why they’ve developed and continue to develop different interactive features that make redirecting users to a site quite easy.

Facebook’s advertising, as well as regular text options, options allow you to place clickable buttons and links, respectively, which means making the most of these features, such as including effective CTAs such as “shop now” or “message” can be the motivator your potential customers need to come to you.

It’s not only Facebook too. Instagram allows clickable links with their photo tags and on the bios of pages. They also allow redirection to websites through Instagram stories by simply swiping up. Youtube also makes redirection easier with clickable links on video descriptions as well as on the videos themselves.

With so many helpful tools available, it’s up to you now to make the most of them and include them in your social media posts with grabbing CTAs. This isn’t limited to redirecting them to your site, either; buttons for sharing your posts should also be utilized in the same manner so audiences are encouraged to share them and you can reach more people.

Utilize paid ads

Sponsored content, or paid ads, on social media, is definitely one of the best ways you can get noticed, especially if your page is new and doesn’t have many followers.

They can be targeted to reach your intended audience, whether in terms of geographic location, age, gender, or interests, so you can be assured you’re talking to the right people. Moreover, these ads can be modified to fit specific goals and budgets, so even the smallest businesses have the chance to reach out to their desired audience.

Working with social media is the best thing you can do to help bring life back into your site’s traffic. Whether you choose to work with professional social media services or by yourself for your digital marketing journey, knowing these tips will help you make the most of your online campaign, not to mention spare you wasted time and budget allocation.

It’s all about social media optimization when it comes to building an impression online, and while it’s not as simple as one might initially think, it’s assistance in helping bring in traffic is well worth it.

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