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Best Software to Create Online Courses from Your Own Website

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Whether you are running a school, providing higher education courses, or are starting a new business, online education has now become an integral part of teaching-learning practices.

Educators around the world these days are looking for some trustworthy ways to create courses and sell them online.

Create Online Courses From Your Own Website

Well, the great news is that software developers have created many interactive and user-friendly solutions to assist educators and entrepreneurs worldwide.

It is now possible to develop courses and other learning materials online and assists learners to gain easy access to all documents and tutorials on your website.

If you are currently looking for the best software to create online courses for your own website, experts advise using the LearnWorlds platform to ensure the best outcomes.

Spare a few minutes to go through the details below, and soon you will be able to make the best decision for your online course development.

LearnWorlds: Best software to create online courses

Whether you own an enterprise or are an individual with amazing skills in the technical field, if you are interested in creating online courses, you have landed on the right platform.

Here we are going to talk about LearnWorlds – the best online course creator and selling platform for educators.

Some of the most incredible features of LearnWorlds are listed below:
  • It allows seamless creation of an infinite number of courses.
  • Users can design and publish sales pages and landing pages.
  • Provides easy access to a feature-rich course builder.
  • One can upload video tutorials with ease.
  • Students can access digital downloads.
  • Easy access to various interactive engagement tools.
  • Offers enhanced online testing solutions.
  • Comes with built-in social network.
  • It has a customized web-domain.
  • Offers easy access to custom native mobile apps.
  • LearnWorlds provide 24×7 hours of customer support via its experienced and trained team.

These are just a few features of LearnWorlds, the list is otherwise quite extensive.

How to create wonderful learning experiences with LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is an active learning management system that comes with its own full-fledged services. It offers easy access to the majority of engagement and interactivity tools; the list includes:

  • Online testing engines
  • Interactive books and
  • Interactive video player

If you are one of those educators that want to create an impressive learning cycle for their students, the advanced tools of LearnWorlds can help you better.

The interactive videos on this platform can be used to attract and engage students verbally, auditorily, visually, as well as kinesthetically.

It makes videos more engaging with the creative addition of hyperlinks to some useful external URLs, embedded assessments and questionnaires, feedback, navigation buttons, pop-ups, and text.

Other than this, it is possible to add special elements to videos to grab the attention of the students.

The interactive online testing engine of LearnWorlds makes it easier to customize digital certificates that can be further used to award course students. Educators, entrepreneurs or coaches can insert their course name, logos, and data with ease.

You will be happy to hear that LearnWorlds offers support to a wide range of content formats; the list includes text, PDFs, audio files, concept maps, embedded Google forms, image sliders, and links to external pages.

Branding your online courses with LearnWorlds:

When you are selling your courses online, branding and marketing play an important role in the entire process. As there are plenty of competitors in the education world that might be offering similar kinds of courses, you need to follow a solid marketing campaign.

The great news about LearnWorlds is that it offers tons of branding tools for web design experts and newbies as well.

The theme editor of the LearnWorlds has made the branding process pretty simple. Right from the beginning to the end, you can work on the enhancement of the overall appeal of the dashboard. The colors, logo, and colors on the web page can be easily customized.

Other than this, you can also modify the background colors, top bar appeal, and the shade of your website navigation bar as well. Some of the most interactive and useful marketing and selling features on this platform include:

  • LearnWorlds offers educators to offer a subscription-based product that can create residual income in the long run.
  • You can host limited-time discounts that are capable enough to boost sales over time. It generates a sense of urgency so that a higher number of students can enroll for the course.
  • LearnWorlds also provides easy access to coupon code generation, and they can be easily shared with potential prospects.

LearnWorlds make the teaching-learning experience more incredible for the educators and students as well.

If you are planning to set up a long-term impression among the audience, it is good to offer some free courses or free chapters in between as they can engage more learners with your courses.

LearnWorlds: The Best Software For Online Course Creation

Educators can also personalize their emails to target a specific range of students and ease the process of course completion, enrolment, and coupon redemption.

Other than this, LearnWorlds also offer a built-in affiliate marketing program so that you can ensure great success for your courses with higher earning.

Now you have gone through detailed information on LearnWorlds. It might have cleared all your doubts regarding where to host your own online course.

You can now start creating online courses and sell them to interested students worldwide.

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