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$1000 Per Sale Affiliate Programs

I don’t know about you, (and I can’t believe I’m announcing this…) but my goal for the rest of this year and by the end of 2020, I want to earn $50k in affiliate commissions.

I know… that’s a pretty hype goal for an advanced beginner but I’m gonna go for it. And the way I’m going
to do it is by selling high ticket $1000 per sale affiliate programs. Yes Sir!

Over the last 13 years I’ve learned enough to earn a steady flow of income from promoting affiliate programs.

But I’d have to say, my greatest failure was investing too much time and effort referring low ticket affiliate programs.

I’m just saying, for the same amount of time that I spent creating content and promoting a $2 CPA program, I could’ve built those systems around high ticket affiliate programs. (You live and you learn!)

So for the next 14 months, I’m making a commitment to promote primarily $1000 per sale affiliate programs. This was my first adjustment towards reaching that goal of 50k in affiliate commissions by the end of 2020. Shucks, I’d only need to get 50 sales!

Step two was to track down a couple high ticket affiliate programs paying $1000 per sale. And I didn’t want just some random program promising massive commissions to sell a crappy product.

No, I wanted affiliate programs that were legit, provided extraordinary value, and was something that I’d purchase myself.

I did some web searching, but nothing connected with me. My best options were in real estate and finance, which I’m not particularly interested in. So after my boredom set in, I kinda just forgot all about it.


The High Ticket Affiliate Program That Found Me.


Then one day I joined a program by Chuck Nguyen called My Online Startup. It was free, so I thought “I’ll check it out.”, and… I did.

After some time watching the videos, chatting with other members, and getting a feel for the environment; here’s my
summation of My Online Startup:

First off, Chuck, a super affiliate coach, is extremely genuine in his desire to help beginner affiliate marketers build
a sustainable business online. This is proven by the fact, he built My Online Startup around his own personal aspirations.

Within his training, Chuck makes it clear that his goal for the end of 2020 is to earn $1 Million in affiliate sales. (Yes, I got the whole 50k goal idea from Chuck, he’s my Coach, you know. 🙂

Here’s the best part, Chuck has also made it very clear that on his way to $1 Million, he fully intends to pour EVERYTHING HE DOES into his members.

Including, but not limited to, foundational training videos, affiliate strategies, profitable blogging, live hangout sessions, private coaching, and more.


He wants to make as many 100k+ members as he possibly can by 2020’s end. Hopefully I’m one of them, but for now I’d be cool with 50k in affiliate commissions. It could change though!


Over the last 6 or so months, I’ve watched Chuck create an AMAZING high ticket affiliate marketing program from scratch.

And that’s what’s so inspirational about My Online Startup (read my review). You are driven to take action as you follow a professional coach encouraging you along the way.

Since joining My Online Startup I’ve been more focused on my affiliate business, as well as my local digital marketing services. No doubt a result of the “Mindset” training presented by Chuck.

Any beginning affiliate can join Chuck’s course for free. You’ll gain immediate access to over 50+ value packed videos, friendly support from Chuck’s staff, an engaged community forum, and hundreds of other wealth building affiliate resources. All for FREE!


Want to up your game and start REALLY building your affiliate marketing business?
You can become an “Inner Circle” member!


The Inner Circle is where all the action happens! Chuck and his team will setup a complete affiliate marketing system for you.

They’ll assist you with setting up your own affiliate blog or a done-for-you lead generation system. I have the lead generation system and my list just past 2,000 subscribers. Yeah…Boy!

Joining the Inner Circle also gives you access to over 40+ affiliate marketing programs. Now this is awesome, but it gets better!

Inner Circle members, who decide to promote My Online Startup, will earn $100 for each referral that also upgrade to the Inner Circle.


But wait there’s EVEN MORE…


My Online Startup isn’t just another affiliate program to promote, it’s more like getting on a train where the track has been all laid out for you and Chuck is the driver. Hoot! Hoot!

Members are literally watching Chuck make a move, and then we make the same move, but in our own way. And this type of learning has been working very well for me.

My site has doubled in traffic, I’m seeing my affiliate sales increase, my email list is exploded, and I can always get supportive feedback directly from Chuck & his team.


All has been good, but then it happened…!
Chuck introduced the My Online Startup Partnership Program.


The Partnership Program is for inner circle members who want the “cream of the crop” in affiliate training. We’re talking personal coaching, fully automated income systems, exclusive live training sessions, direct contact with Chuck for questions you may have.

I need to say this… Every successful person I’ve met has a coach of some sort. It took me a long time to fully grasp the connection. But professional athletes have coaches, famous actors have coaches, million dollar business owners have coaches, but I’ve never had a coach. I mean a real Coach.

Yeah I’ve read books from the “gurus”, watched the training videos of the “pros”, but I’ve never had a Coach who could offer me suggestions that make an immediate impact on my online business.

This is only a tiny slice of what you get when you become a Partner with My Online Startup. The multiple revenue streams available for a Partner are just plain nasty.

I mean it’s so good that you can even earn commissions for participating in the forum. Can you say “Cash For Commenting!”


And Here’s What You’ve Been Waiting For…

You Can Earn $1000 Per Sale With My Online Startup’s
High Ticket Affiliate Partnership Program.


I personally invested in joining the Partnership Program, so I know first-hand the immense value it delivers.

I’ve never been more confident & focused about building my affiliate marketing career than I am right now. And joining My Online Startup has set me in motion. I’m on the train, baby!

As a Partner myself, any person that I refer and joins the Partnership Program will earn me a smooth $1000 commission! And it feels good to earn commissions on a product you’re 100% certain your referrals will benefit from.

There’s not many $1000 per sale high ticket affiliate programs, that I know of offering to deliver real results. Chuck even guarantees results! After joining My Online Startup you’ll hear his absolutely SHOCKING guarantee for your success. He eliminates ANY risk for you!

I hope you take a moment to at least sign up for free with My Online Startup. That way we can build our online businesses together! Join the team, cause we’re gonna WIN!

Besides, I need as many members as possible to push me to my goal of 50k! You know… That’s only 50 sales!

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