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Sell Products for Companies and Get Paid

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Sell Products for Companies and Get Paid

In today’s world, it is good to have a few different revenue streams. Internet Marketing on the web is the best place to get that going.

You can set up a website, and while you do not have to have products on hand, you can sell products for companies and get paid.

All you need is to set up a relevant website or a landing page, add some savvy marketing skills, and over time, you can start making some passive income.

We will assume that you know how to set up a blog site, so we will focus on getting you set up with a couple of affiliate companies.


How To Sell Products And Get Paid With Affiliate Programs.


There are countless companies out there that sell products. Selling is what they focus on, especially if they are not one of the larger entities like Sony or Nike.

Those companies have large marketing teams to get their products out there. A lot of the smaller merchants do not have that budget, so they will gladly team up with people like you and me (Internet Marketers) to promote their products.

This is how it works. Individual Marketers post content on their website, such as a product review, or news and information about the item, and if the visitor clicks the link on your website and makes a purchase on the merchant website, you get paid a commission for the sale.


So How Do I Sell Products For Affiliate Companies?


There are merchants that will allow you to sign up directly on their site, but there are what we call ‘affiliate networks’ that allow the marketer to sell products with multiple merchants on one website.

We will take a look at two popular affiliate networks, Commission Junction (CJ) and Share A Sale.

These sites are a repository where marketers can choose the type of merchants that they want to promote. There is a lot to choose from:


  • Finance
  • Apparel
  • Games & Toys
  • Travel
  • Beauty

And that is just a few of the categories in which to sell products and get paid!

All you must do is sign up.

You can then choose the companies and products that you want to promote. Some merchants will automatically approve you, and some will need to approve you manually.


Sell Products for Companies and Get Paid:


Commission Junction

Here is a screenshot of the advertiser page of Commission Junction. I filtered for the games/toys category.

As you can see, it is pretty straight forward. It will tell you the merchant name, how well their products sell (network earnings), and the commission percentage. Just click the Apply button to let them know that you want to promote their products.


Share A Sale

Share A Sale is similar in that you can also choose by category. The layout is similar as you can see here. This is the food/drink category.


You will need to decide on the type of products you want to sell, and focus your website on a specific product, such as ‘wine’, or ‘toys for kids 6-14 years of age’.


This is where you will need to perform some keyword research to figure out what will work best for you. Once you have some merchants on board, you just need to click on the company link to go to their page on Share A Sale or Commission Junction.


There you will be able to get your personal ‘link’ or banner that has your advertiser code.

You will place the link within the content on your website, and once your website visitor reads your content, they will want to click through to buy the product. If the sale is made, you get paid the commission!


Additionally, you can use the following tips to sell products for companies and get paid:


Select A Reputable Company

The internet has many companies that recruit affiliates to sell products and get paid. As an aspiring affiliate marketer, you will find vast and tempting options.

With a bit of research you might discover that most of your favorite companies offer an affiliate program that you can sign up for right on their websites.  And pay close attention to a company’s affiliate program, customer service, and quality control. Most importantly, familiarize yourself with their payment plan.

Avoid Scams

Illegal businesses thrive everywhere especially online. Most scamming schemes promise you quick money and other impossible offers. Avoid getting trapped or being victimized by empty promises.

Find Your Ideal Product

Before jumping into any sales, try different products and select the most useful and quality commodity. If you genuinely believe in the product, marketing will be easy.

Otherwise, you will have difficulties explaining the items’ unique features to customers. Most companies offer free samples. Therefore, try them out.

Estimate Your Compensation

Companies usually make deductions from your compensations. You should be aware of any start-up fees or sales percentages involved before selecting products.

Some items also come with various terms and conditions. Therefore, you must know the penalties imposed if you fail to meet the company’s expectations.

Reach Out To Clients

Vast traffic on the internet has helped many users sell products for companies and get paid without physical presence. You can start by creating content that presents family and friends with reasonable offers.

Developing an online presence can improve your sales tremendously. Reach out to the masses using social media, blog sites, or video posts.

Direct Personal Selling

Traditional marketing methods are still productive especially since some potential buyers are not active online. You can go door-to-door and sell the old fashion way.

Direct personal selling promotes loyalty and trust. If your presentation satisfies a client, he/she becomes a repeat customer and if possible, recommends your products to his/her family, friends, and colleagues.

Build A Good Reputation

Exceptional services attract many buyers to your listings. If you want to sell products for companies and get paid, create a good reputation. Begin by earning your clients’ respect and trust.

Learn how to interact with different people by enhancing your communication and interpersonal skills. Most importantly, produce quality useful content for your followers. You should always be on the lookout for what’s best for your target audience. Deliver product suggestions that are effective and work.

The bottom line is that there exist multiple ways to sell products for companies and getting paid handsomely. Interested parties should select reputable companies, avoid scams, undertake thorough research, and maintain a good reputation.

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