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Top Affiliate Marketing Forums

Maybe you’ve read a couple of the rags to riches stories from millionaire affiliate marketers and decided that you would like to join their ranks.

OR… Maybe you’re a beginner looking for a way to earn an extra $1,000+ to grow your savings.

Whatever your reasoning for entering into the world of affiliate marketing, let me be one of the first to say, Welcome!

I have been dabbling in affiliate marketing now for over 13 years.

One day, in 2006, my dad sat me down in front of a desktop computer and tried to explain to me how people called “affiliate marketers” were making passive income using the internet.

At the time I owned a direct marketing franchise which was doing very well, so I shirked off my dad’s online marketing pitch as the latest “get rich quick scheme”.

The following week I received a call from my dad; I could tell, right over the phone that he had a smirk on his face.

Hey D.D.D.!, he’d to call me by initials, (Dad: “guess what?”, Me: “What’s going on?”)

He went on to tell me how he got his very first affiliate sale and made something like $30 in commission.

So I’m like… “How in da world did you do dat?”

It was that moment I realized this affiliate marketing thing must be legit and easy. Nothing against my dad, but I knew if he could pull in a sale, I could too.

From that day on I made myself a student of affiliate marketing and have never turned back.

Throughout the years I have had my good and bad years with affiliate marketing. It’s been quite a roller-coaster, if I’m completely honest.

But one thing that’s always given me inspiration to keep pushing is participating in the top affiliate marketing forums.

The value of signing up with free to join affiliate marketing forums is priceless. And if you intend on building a solid income promoting affiliate programs, it’s a MUST!

Why Beginners Need To Join The Top Free
Affiliate Marketing Forums and Programs

When I decided that I was going to do the affiliate marketing thing, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Back then, if you wanted detailed information that dove into exactly how to do something you had no choice but to buy some gurus program for $39 bucks.

Now that the internet has matured, there’s more and more high quality information online for free. But back then, all the “good stuff” came with a price.

Affiliate marketing forums were the only sites on the internet, that I knew of, to get amaz-za-zing tips, ideas and strategies for free.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You become like those you surround yourself with.”

With affiliate marketing forums you can surround yourself with the top marketers and programs in the industry.

When you join a free forum you’re going to meet everyone from complete beginners all the way to highly paid super affiliates.

Here’s some other benefits of joining free affiliate marketing forums…

1) Encourement, Inspiration & Support –

You don’t have to trail this path alone. Although it’s an individual race, we can all run to the finish line together.

You may have mastered a specific affiliate marketing strategy that someone, right now, needs help with. Or you could be the one who needs a hand.

Free to join affiliate marketing forums offers you support for those rough spots when nothing seems to be going right. There’s nothing better than the encouragement from others who’ve been through it too!

2) Discover High Profit Programs –

Being a lone beginner with no outside suggestions from affiliates, who are truly putting in the grind, might cause you to miss out on a top program or strategy that could pump up your income.

Participating in a free to join affiliate forum is like being accepted into an “inner circle”, a community of like-minded individuals with a purpose.

I’ve made good money from affiliate programs that I’ve found while scanning through posts from other marketers.

Not just that, many super affiliates use forums to launch industry changing programs, meaning you can take advantage of being on the ground-level of something awesome.

3) It’s The Fastest Way To Surround Yourself With Success –

If your goal was to lose weight and sculpt your body, joining a gym would be a good move.

You’ll see other members working on their own personal goals, trainers are there to help you create a plan, and you’ll have all the equipment you’ll need to accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

This is similar to affiliate marketing forums. You’ll have a community of peers and experts in which to draw from, so you can use their knowledge for gain more success.

I’ve used forums to learn what works and what doesn’t from affiliates who’ve tested different techniques. Both making me more money and saving me from throwing cash down the drain on an ineffective idea.

4) Continuous Education To Stay On Top Of New Trends –

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s change. Affiliate marketing is always changing.

I remember a time when only a few of the top marketers in the world utilized tools like landing pages and email marketing to convert sales.

Now every marketing department in corporate America implements “affiliate marketing” style promotions to juice up sales.

But those once unheard of techniques have been discussed in affiliate marketing forums way before large corporations even cared.

So I’m willing to bet that when new marketing strategies surface in the industry, it’ll be posted in a forum somewhere first.

What Are The Top Free To Join Affiliate
Marketing Programs and Forums for Beginners?

I have participated with a great many forums over the past decade. All are not as beneficial as others.

So I’m going to share with you forums that I feel offer extraordinary value for beginners.

1) My Online Startup –

This is an affiliate site that I feel gives the most to marketers who are in the beginning stages.

Members of My Online Startup are mostly novice affiliate marketers learning the core basics like…

• How to become an online entrepreneur.
• How to crush affiliate marketing.
• The power of lead generation.
• Building your OWN online brand.
• Scaling with paid advertising.
• Passive income with simple emails.

I am an active founding member of My Online Startup so I know first-hand that the forum, training, affiliate programs and done-for-you services are priceless.

I consider My Online Startup (review) the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners. The coach, Chuck Nguyen, is very sincere in his desire to help his members build sustainable income online.

Go grab your free membership My Online Startup

2) Wealthy Affiliate –

This site is the most known in the world of affiliate marketing, in which I’m also a member of.

The forum is absolutely amazing, with an extremely easy to use dashboard and navigation.

Absolutely any tool you’d ever need for affiliate marketing can be found within Wealthy Affiliate’s community.

Wealthy Affiliate is by far one of the top affiliate marketing forums for beginners to experts.

Forum members of Wealthy Affiliate are there to learn how to:

• Transform ideas into profits.
• Build beautiful, profit ready websites.
• Learn proven strategies to attract loads of traffic.
• Access unlimited revenue sources.

Coaches, Kyle and Carson, have been in the affiliate marketing industry for years and have outdone themselves with a top rated affiliate program.

In my opinion, if you’re an affiliate marketer and have NOT joined Wealthy Affiliate, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Don’t wait, go ahead and get join Wealthy Affiliate for free Wealthy Affiliate

3) Warrior Forum –

The Warrior Forum is the top wealth of knowledge for affiliate marketing beginners, no doubt.

This site is suitable for all levels of affiliate marketing professionals.

Beginners would get the experience of surrounding themselves with the wisdom of high-earning experts.

Along with a massive database of knowledge, you’ll find an affiliate marketplace with hundreds of programs for you to earn from.

Again, there’s really no choice on whether you should join or not, it’s completely free! Go get that membership Warrior Forum

When you join the top affiliate marketing forums above, be sure to search me up and friend request me. We can work together to build wealth with affiliate marketing.

Much Success!

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