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Digital Marketing Consultant For Small Business

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ULiveUSA is a small business promotion agency that specializes in Digital Event Marketing and Sales.

We’ve found that hosting events/campaigns is one of the quickest strategies to generate quality leads, improve branding, build local communities, and increase profits.

Launched in 2014, our Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, Devin Dozier, having over 15 years of marketing and sales experience, set out on a mission to create a promotional system that would deliver small business owners clear-cut returns on their investments.

Digital events that merge videos, webinars, email automation, SMS texting, digital products, social media and other lead generation marketing techniques have proven extremely effective for systematically attracting new business leads.

Digital Events Designed Exclusively For Your Small Business.

At ULiveUSA we don’t believe in “shot-gun” methods of advertising. Our goal is to design a digital marketing event strategy that will allow you to harness, control, and direct your marketing efforts in a manner that provides measurable results.

Your marketing consultant will discover your needs and formulate a strategic plan for success.

We will evaluate and construct a well designed digital marketing plan exclusively for your business.

You can expect a wildly creative concept, completely unique from any proposal that would ever be presented by another agency. (Cause we’re LIVELY like that!)

Having fun is a necessary benefactor of promoting a small business. AND increased profits!

If after reviewing the proposal, you decide our ideas are not right for your business, you won’t have to pay a single cent for our services. A “no-hassle”, risk-free offer!

Pre-Event Marketing For Your LIVE Events.

Are you hosting a grand opening, fundraiser, or some other special event where you’ll want to increase attendance and sales?

Don’t wait until the day of the event to find that it was badly promoted with a meager show of attendance.

Hire a consultant to design a captivating digital event promotion that will build interest months in advance.

We will help you build a list of quality prospects that will be eager to attend your event or support your cause.

Eliminate the stress of guessing about whether or not there will be people in attendance and let us create a plan to get them there.

1-on-1 Sales And Marketing Consultant For Small Business Owners

We take your business personal. That’s why we offer a 1-on-1 marketing consultant for small business owners.

Our experienced professionals will work with you to implement sales and marketing automation systems that can boost profits for your business.

More than just marketing, we’ll show you how to convert your leads into sales through prompt customer service and long-term follow-up.

Getting new leads is just the beginning of the relationship. Building them into loyal customers is a procedure that will ramp up profits and referrals.

Digital event marketing will get your business on the right track towards building fresh leads and obtaining new sales.

Its applications are endless, having the potential to drive swarms of new customers to your business.

When you are ready to put your resources into one powerful digital event campaign that will pierce through the noise and capture quality business leads, ULiveUSA will design a solid plan to execute.

Create A Project today to get your free digital event marketing plan!

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