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Stop advertising! Free Ideas For Marketing Your Local Small Business.

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Are you still using traditional methods to advertise your small business?

You’re just about to learn a few free ideas for marketing your business that might just help to increase your sales.

To start off, it’s important to make it crystal clear that a solution to have new customers and clients craving to use your services already exists.

Accessing it is a matter of combining the right ideas with the appropriate technology.

With technology options so abundant, there’s essentially no limit in marketing strategies enabling you to reach new customers.

The dilemma is that most small business owners reduce their options to the few traditional media outlets that have been presented to them by narrow-minded advertising salespeople, simply out to make a quick commission.

If you really want to get more business, stop advertising and start communicating value.

Your business WILL GROW when it communicates exceptional value!

The value I’m speaking of is not product or service value; that is a predetermined expectation that you need to have to be in business in the first place.

I’m referring to a “relational” value that will allow you and your business to connect on a personal level with your customers.

There’s a well-known statement in sales that says, “People buy from those they know, like and trust.” This statement is truer now than ever.

Advertising doesn’t mean a thing if the people you’re advertising to don’t like you.

If they love you, however, you’ll never have to spend a dime on advertising. But you will need to communicate.

Strong relationships are built on positive communication, not advertising. And there’s a HUGE difference.

Advertising is a blatant sales pitch where all who see or hear it understands that the advertiser is asking an audience to take an action with a desire for gain.

Because people are exposed to so many advertising attempts on a daily basis, studies have shown that they’ve blinded themselves to them.

Even if your ad does happen to grab a prospect’s attention, asking for something is not the best approach for getting people to know, like and trust you.

Gain trust through the delivery of information, media & entertainment unique to the local community.

Your ability to reach new customers will be reflective in what you are capable of giving and not how much you’re willing to take.

Instead of throwing money into ineffective advertising, you could invest in the development of highly desired hyperlocal media & entertainment that will improve your reputation and empower the community.

People have a voracious craving for information. In fact, 89% of internet users have stated that information gathering is one of their main reasons for getting online.

And to make it even more enticing, there’s an enormous shortage of local content in most small communities.

This presents an amazing opportunity for small businesses because people are demanding more localized content relevant to their own communities.

Producing online information, media & entertainment are extremely effective ways to engage in communication with local residents.

Unlike advertising, the community content that you produce will last forever, giving your business an infinite return of value.

Your business will be seen as an authoritative contributor to the community and not just another business looking to sell something.

When you invest in giving the people you care about beneficial information, they’ll do the advertising for you.

Why should you advertise when we live in a time where every resident can, within seconds, share your business with their network of family, friends, and followers?

All you have to do is create captivating community content worth sharing and you’ll have the best word of mouth advertising ever!

Marketing your local small business should be a fun & exciting experience for everyone. For you and your community!

Stop advertising and create digital events & content that include members of your community.

Form genuine relationships with your customers and allow them to participate in your business’s growth.

Mostly, your community content will open the doors of communication with residents of your neighborhood.

In no time, you can have more people of the area knowing more about you, liking the value that you add to the community and trusting you enough to do business with you.

If you want your business to be heard through the static of advertising, then you need to have a message that adds value and not just another sales pitch.

Contact us to learn more about creating your own local community content.

Start marketing your local small business with the people of your community and stop advertising to them.

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