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Business owners around the world are always looking for the best ways to build impressions online.

Many of them are following advanced strategies for brand promotion in the market. However, many others are putting the main focus on leading content marketing strategy. 

Although there is no doubt to say that blogs play an essential role in SEO marketing; but it is not possible to ensure the complete satisfaction of the target audience by just writing a few articles for them.

In this era of social media, people are more attracted to audio-visual content. The idea is to lead engaging video marketing campaigns that can help you to capture audience attention towards your niche. 

Some of you might be making hard efforts to design engaging videos by using complicated software tools online.

But the great news is that few new-age apps can automatically convert articles to videos. Among many such competitive solutions, experts advise using the Vidnami app that can be accessed for free online. 

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Here we have listed a few points about why you need videos for branding:

  • Videos developed using Vidnami have a higher level of engagement and shareability. 
  • Videos made up using Vidnami are capable enough to convey brand messages faster. 
  • These videos can help you to enjoy an enhanced conversion with the ability to drive more web traffic. 
  • These engaging videos are a great way to improve SEO and they are also easily accessible to all. 

Using Vidnami for video marketing strategy online:

Vidnami is one of the most reliable content samurai apps that is available with 14 days of free trial. The app is loaded with several video templates that are divided into 7-8 different categories. You can choose any of them to design an impressive video.

After the selection of the template, you need to enter the article text that you wish to convert into a video. You can simply copy and paste it from the platform that you already have. 

Vidnami Review

It is also possible to write directly into the content samurai editor; however, you cannot save the article into a draft.

As soon as you have entered all the text-based details, you need to hit the create scenes button and the software will magically convert all the content into interesting slides for videos. 

Incredible features of Vidnami:

Users are also allowed to select background music as well as voice over options on this software by using the preview the video option.

After adding the background music and voice over to the videos, you can press the preview button to check if everything is working fine. The great news is that users can also add watermark to the videos to leave an enhanced impact on end buyers. 

Here we have listed a few amazing features of Vidnami to convert article to video free online:

  • This platform offers advanced artificial intelligence-based video conversion ability. 
  • 1080p full HD quality with different video sizes.
  • Multiple video templates that work perfectly on all different social media platforms. 
  • Full theme customization with the ability to create personalized themes, add logos, brand watermarks, and different textures. 
  • Built-in royalty-free multi-media content. 
  • Automated voice overs with unlimited video creation options.
Vidnami Pro | All About Vidnami

Vidnami allows users to create videos instantly without wasting much time on editing. Vidnami is a pretty simple and straightforward software tool that eliminates the need for expensive recording equipment.

Vidnami can help you to lead content marketing campaigns while protecting your privacy. You can register to this platform now to access advanced features for an enhanced experience.

Convert Article to Video for Free Online
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