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How To Increase Small Business Sales With Video Marketing

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The positive impact that video marketing can provide for your small business is undeniable.

Within just minutes of pressing play, a viewer can learn all of the magnificent reasons they should become your customer while you simultaneously deliver an automated, benefit filled, presentation showcasing the advantages of your business.

Video serves as a bridge that can introduce your business to those hard-to-reach individuals who make decisions based on research through mobile devices and search engines… And that’s just about EVERYBODY!

A recent report found that 52% of professional marketers worldwide named video as the content type with the best ROI. And that 74% of all online traffic will result from videos.

Implementing video marketing into your promotion strategy is a BIG DEAL if you want to increase sales in your small business.

Consider the importance of mobile technology & video for the millennials (adults with ages 20-36 in 2017) who possess the largest purchasing power of any generation.

Failing to reach this dominant market of tech-savvy shoppers through video could greatly harm the growth of any business.

It’s now a vital necessity that your business prevails both online & offline to access as many sales as possible.

How To Use Video Marketing To Increase Small Business Sales

Incorporating video into your sales strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many software applications that you can use to seamlessly merge video into your business’s sales mix.

One of the best video marketing services available for small business owners is SnapNation.

SnapNation is the leader in video & mobile marketing for local communities, boasting state of the art technology positioning it as the future of mobile advertising.

With SnapNation you’ll have an entire suite of video marketing services designed to increase sales and build your business’s local reputation.

This is community-powered marketing at its finest! Click here to see how we’re using video to get new customers for businesses in our local community. And it can be implemented anywhere in the U.S.!

Let’s take a look at how you can utilize SnapNation’s services to dramatically boost your sales and get new customers.

1) Introduction Video Presentations

The most effective use of video for your small business is to let locals know who you are, what you do, and why they should contact you immediately.

Grasp for a moment the idea of having the perfect salesperson who is capable of frequently meeting face-to-face with your the best prospects in the community.

Well, that salesperson is YOU and those prospects are local residents and visitors to the community.

An intro-video allows you to take the first step towards greeting potential customers and welcoming them to your business.

People do business with those they know and this is your opportunity to get them to know you.

If you were looking for a business to make a purchase, would you go with a totally foreign one or would you visit that business where the owner has already welcomed you with an outstretched hand?

2) Video Testimonials & Reviews

Research has found that a whopping 90% of buying decisions are based on both negative and positive reviews.

What people say about your business online is the new word-of-mouth and there’s nothing more powerful than a video of a satisfied customer giving your business praise.

The internet has changed the game, rarely do people consult their friends and family about the credibility of businesses. They instead look for online reviews of previous customers.

Think of how your sales could increase if online shoppers were to discover your search listing and find an overflowing wealth of happy customers ranting and raving about your small business?

SnapNation has a dedicated hotline that makes getting video testimonials and reviews for your business effortless.

And once the video has been recorded, the hotline will distribute it to all of your online accounts and websites. Removing the pain of having to log in and upload the video to each site.

Having loads of videos online also help your rankings within major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So on top of having an army of advocates endorsing your business, you’ll enjoy more traffic to your website.

3) Advanced Video Delivery Technology

It’s not enough to have presentation and review videos of your business if people aren’t looking at them.

Remember that “perfect salesperson” that’s capable of meeting face-to-face with the best prospects in your community?

SnapNation’s snapbeacon, geotizing technology, and Snap3D mapping are the vehicles that will get your videos in front of the right people at the right time.

Attract passerbys, event attendees, and tourists with your event marketing campaign.

Your messages can be delivered at the most probable moment a viewer might be considering your services.

How about getting your business’s presentation & review videos prominently displayed on a digital map that’s powered by Google Earth integration?

Snap3D Mapping is a revolutionary technology by SnapNation that enables residents and tourists to use their mobile devices to zoom right into your community and get educated about businesses, non-profit organizations, and other major attractions in your town.

Armed with your video sales presentation and video testimonials, your business will stand out as one of the premier services of the community.

With the click of play, you can have prospective customers virtually visiting your business which in turn will entice them to take a physical action and make contact.

Now you can promote your business on autopilot while you focus on running it.

How great would it be to have your own salesperson making calls with the support of satisfied customers spreading the word about your business?

A well-executed video marketing strategy will absolutely increase small business sales, build your reputation, and improve credibility.

Start developing your online video assets now and it will bring profitable returns for your business indefinitely.

Contact us to learn more about SnapNation and using video marketing to increase sales for your small business.

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