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The progress of the Internet has changed everything, and how it works.

It changed the way we play, how we learn, how we communicate, and how we work.

The Internet gave limitless opportunities. It is used to improve the dissemination of information, it has become a means of communication, and also opened many methods of earning on the Internet.

Today I want to talk to those who want to make money using the highest paying URL shortener for money. One that pays you to shorten links and promote them.

ShrinkEarn allows its members to short link and earn money from referred visitors. And will pay when they get the minimum payment amount of $5.

What is ShrinkEarn and how does it work?

ShrinkEarn this is a URL shortener for money service that will show a 5-second advertisement to the user before redirecting it to a direct link.

The service will pay for each visit of the shortened link.

Some people think that the service is a scam, but since I have been working with them for a long time, I can confidently say that this is a 100% working method of earning.

Large companies are willing to pay thousands, or even millions of dollars so that their advertising will be seen by the whole world!

And because the Internet allows its users to browse various web resources, the service has come up with a new marketing strategy.

And the strategy is that when you go to the shortened link, the user who goes through will be shown a 5-second advertisement, after which he will be able to go to the landing page, and you will earn for this.

Earnings in social networks with ShrinkEarn service

Social networks in our time have become very popular, and therefore they are among the best platforms for earning on the Internet.

Therefore, the best social network where you can place your shortened links, and earn is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Highest Paying URL Shortener For Money

You do not have to work 8-10 hours at the computer to earn money. With the help of ShrinkEarn service, you can earn even when you are sleeping!

All you need is to create an account on the service, shorten your links, and post them on various sites.

After that, you just have to watch how your money grows. Making money is even easier if you have a website, blog, forum, channel on YouTube or a page in some social network.

Earnings on a blog with the service ShrinkEarn

The ShrinkEarn service offers an excellent JavaScript code that you need to insert into the page code of the site, and it will automatically change all external links to shortcuts.

You can possibly make an exception for some links, for example, you can put links to the social network in an exception, and the script will not cut them.

Also on the service there are other tools for monetizing internal links, but I do not recommend these methods to my visitors, as this can badly affect the opinion of visitors, about your site.

So you only need to monetize external links using the ShrinkEarn service.


There are other URL shortening services that you can also earn from which are similar to ShrinkEarn:

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