Earn $1 Per Click No Minimum Payout

Earn $1 Per Click No Minimum Payout
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Considering the primary and simple ways to make money via the internet, one of the best options that will come to mind is getting paid $1 per click.

It always and will always be one of the simplest ways because it is quite vague and unbelievable. A newbie may wonder how could it be possible to get paid by “just clicking” a link.

A further question will definitely be “to click what? And why do I get paid?”

Well, it’s not crossing one’s boundaries there are sure and legitimate ways to earn $1 per click.

Each paid to click website has their own  payment process but in end you will get paid. The payment may be weekly, monthly or when you hit a specific balance.

What is a Paid to click website and how it works?

PTC which is also known as “Paid to click” is more like participating in an advertising process.

If you are familiar with the pay per click advertising then you might find it easy to understand getting paid to click.

Although Paid to click (PTC) and Pay per click (PPC) sound familiar, however it is not the same form of advertising.

Pay per click is revenue generated by an agency by displaying ads to their audience.

So when you get paid to click, it is such that you are paid to click on the ads in order to have part of the ad revenue going to the website owner.

In view of this, there are loads of websites that pay people to participate in their ad campaigns. The case is now that you are being paid to click (PTC) in their pay per click (PPC) Ad.

The bottom line of this process is that everyone gets to benefit from the whole thing. One is getting paid to place an ad another is paid to click on the ads.

And while this process seems easy to comprehend to many, loads of websites are emerging every day to make their mark on the PPC and PTC ad campaigns. This is arguably the simplest of all ways to make money.

How much can I get Paid to Click?

If there were big money in getting paid to click everyone would do it. Right?

But just because you won’t ever be able to retire from clicking, doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some extra cash.

This is so because the most website offers about $0.01 per click or more.

This makes it a 100 clicks to amass a dollar. But while this may seem stressful, you can decide to be quick about it in order to make a reasonable amount for a day.

How about referrals?

Just like many other websites, paid to click also offer referrals such that you’ll be rewarded for bringing or directing other people to their website. And since the money made from the paid to click is minute, one of the best ways to hit your target is to refer people to make more gain. It is a pleasant advantage to take your earnings to a new level.

Although there are lots of policies attached by different PTC websites, you can still get as much as $3 for referring or a fraction of the referral’s earnings. Some even offer you both.

Isn’t that awesome?

Top 6 sites to Earn $1 Per Click No Minimum Payout.

While most PTC sites sets their minimum payout at $1 which makes it a bit hard to reach considering that fact that there are lots of people the same race.

This is why PTC sites where you can earn $1 per click no minimum payout is the best option and opportunity to make your money.

No minimum payout means you can withdraw your money anytime you wish to. And with these sites, you can get your funds through PayPal. This is one of the best ways to get your perfect earnings in order to cater to your needs.

PTC sites with no minimum payout include the following:

1. InboxDollars.com
2. Zen Surveys
3. ‎Survey Voices
4. ‎E-Poll Research
5. Survey Rewardz
6. ‎Panda Research

A visit to the above sites will set you up for a chance to get paid as you click.

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