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The Best Free Sales Traffic Affiliate Marketers Can Pin Down

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If you haven’t heard, Pinterest is a beast for generating free affiliate sales traffic!

For me, it took reading the seemingly endless success stories from newbie bloggers to finally “peer pressure” me into giving Pinterest a try. And I’m so glad I did!

It has now been 10 months since adding Pinterest to my marketing routine, and as you can see in the chart below, it accounts for 25% of my overall website traffic. Can you say “Wait… WHAT!”

“The best thing is, I built this free affiliate sales traffic working only 30 minutes a day on Pinterest. And that’s a stretch, it’s probably a lot less.”

When I first caught wind of Pinterest, it just wasn’t that appealing to me to post a whole rack of images (pins) in hopes of getting a few clicks to my website.

Besides, I hate graphic design. And didn’t want to invest time out of my day for the creation of “click-bait” images.

But being a blog income report junkie, I continued to read as one blogger after another presented Pinterest as their dominant source for steady traffic.

So I figured, what do I have to lose? I’ll just go back through my content, create some pins for each article, post them on Pinterest and see what happens.

I started with no special strategies or techniques. I simply posted about 5 pins for each of the articles I’ve written.

I didn’t even take the time to rewrite headlines for my pins and simply plopped the title of the article on each pin. Lazy Me…

Canva was a site that helped bunches for creating nice looking pins quick. Their design software was easy enough for me to figure out, and that’s saying a lot.

After about 2 weeks of pinning, I started to notice more referral traffic coming from Pinterest. And when I see a glimpse of progress, I’m ON It Baby!

Now my thinking is… “If I can get free sales traffic with the little bit of work I’ve put in so far, what would happen if I ramped up my game?”

It was at this moment, I remembered reading advice from bloggers who were killing it with Pinterest.

They had mentioned how Tailwind was a priceless tool when it comes to scheduling pins and scaling up with Pinterest.

So, as an affiliate marketer who loves the idea of leverage, I went ahead and took the plunge to see what Tailwind could do for me.

Believe me when I say… Tailwind delivers exactly what’s promised, an easy to use solution for managing your Pinterest marketing.

I could now schedule a full week of posts in just one hour, and I couldn’t be happier!

Using Tailwind, with all of the analytics, tracking, tribes, and effortless scheduling has enabled me to crank up my daily pinning without having to invest any additional time.

Within a month of getting Tailwind, my Pinterest viewers skyrocketed close to 100,000!

It’s dropped a bit since then, but I’m realizing that viewers seems to fluctuate sporadically and isn’t a good indicator of actual page views to your website.

In fact, as my viewers dropped, my referral traffic from Pinterest continues to bring the best free visitors and increased sales.

Why Use Pinterest For The Best Free Sales Traffic Affiliate Marketers Need?

If you’re still not convinced that Pinterest is the best source of free sales traffic for affiliate marketers, please read on…

1) Pinterest IS A Visual Search Engine

Similar to Google, Pinterest has its own algorithm that is uses to display the most relevant pins searched by users. The only major difference, besides using images over text, is that Pinterest is for the most part uncharted territory. But that is changing rapidly.

For now, marketing on Pinterest is no where near as competitive as Google or other search engines. This is great news for affiliate marketers who want make their mark and establish themselves early on a budding platform.

At one time, Pinterest was thought to be a hang out for middle-aged women, but recently the demographics have skewed. Men now make up 50% of all new accounts created on the platform.

To learn more about making Pinterest the best free sales traffic for your affiliate programs take a gander at this article on Marketing Land. I found it to be very informative.

2) It’s Faster Than SEO, Yet It Helps SEO

By now, I hope I’ve been clear in communicating that I approached Pinterest marketing totally willy nilly.

I had no plan or procedure other than getting more exposure for my content by posting a few pins. But low and behold, I inadvertently flipped on a switch for free traffic.

Before Pinterest, I was struggling to drum up even a pinch of traffic from search engines.

Google has never been a friend of mine, but like many affiliate marketers, I thought organic search traffic was the key to my success.

The truth is, search engine optimization is a long, hard process that can take months, or years, to see results. Especially with all the fierce competition online.

But what I’ve noticed after posting my articles on Pinterest is that many of those pins now rank pretty good on Google as well.

So not only does Pinterest give you traffic from within the platform itself, it also helps drive free organic traffic directly from search engines.

For this reason you’ll want to be certain the titles and descriptions you use on your pins are optimized for search.

That way you can pickup even more free traffic as people click on your pin listings that show up on Google, Bing & Yahoo.

3) Use Your Affiliate Links On Pinterest

Not all social media networks are “affiliate-friendly”, which should make Pinterest standout even more to affiliate marketers.

Facebook, for instance, will block any link from being posted that appears to direct to am affiliate program.

They’ve had to do this to discourage spammers and scammers, but this has made it complicated for affiliates to promote services.

I normally promote affiliate programs from my website, so I’ve never really been affected by this policy.

Furthermore, if you’re an affiliate marketer without a blog or website, I highly recommend getting one setup.

I’ve never seen the benefit of promoting raw links to affiliate programs as there’s so much to lose, by not capturing leads, building a list and following up.

Statistics show that up to 90% of the people who land on a website will leave without taking any action.

If you send your traffic to your blog, website or landing page you’ll have a chance to collect the name’s and email addresses of your visitors for future followup.

To increase your sales, I suggest joining My Online Startup or Wealthy Affiliate for free and take advantage of their discounted blog building resources offered to their members. You’ll be happy you did!

Unlike other social media sites, Pinterest does allow raw affiliate links to be promoted.

So if you prefer affiliate marketing without a blog of your own you can pin your links safely on Pinterest without worrying about your account being shut down.

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