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Why Every Black Owned Business Needs An Internet Marketing Affiliate Program.

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When I first began internet marketing in 2004, I spent a generous amount of time searching for reputable businesses that I could refer to my readers through an affiliate program.

Back then, affiliate marketing was just hitting its stride. Companies like; Amazon, Commission Junction and ClickBank were and still are the forerunning networks of the industry.

And, at that time, if you wanted to promote products online, you likely affiliated yourself with at least one of these companies.

Fast forward to today and you’d be challenged to find an online business absent of an affiliate program.

What Is An Internet Marketing Affiliate Program And Why Should Black Owned Businesses Take Advantage?

To explain, let me first ask you this:

What if you could set in place a continually growing team of digital sales representatives who’ll work on your behalf to; send traffic to your site, generate fresh leads, convert new sales and build your brand..?

The BEST Part… you ONLY have to pay them when they produce results!

Can you see how this arrangement would profitably imact the growth of your business?

Well, that’s what an affiliate program does!

Using affiliate marketing & social sharing software like LeadDyno, you can recruit bloggers, social influencers and content creators to share trackable links that direct traffic to your site; when visitors take a specified action like complete a form or make a purchase your affiliate earns a pre-approved commission and you get a new lead or sale.

For Black Owned Businesses, affiliate marketing provides an incentivized solution for content creators, as well as customers, to share your business all over the Internet.

Even if you run a local business, you can setup a lead generation affiliate landing page capable of collecting contact information and pay your affiliates a small commission anytime a visitor fills in their contact details.

It will then be your job to contact and convert that lead into a sale.

How To Recruit Your Team Of Affiliates:

After you’ve setup your internet marketing affiliate program, you have to proactively reach out to build your team of affiliates. Here are a few ways you can do this:

1) Connect with bloggers and social influencers –

Send out a short message or email bloggers and influencers who have a sizeable following relevant to your products.

Many of these creators are in need of great products enabling them to monetize their own businesses and may give your program a shot.

I suggest making it extremely easy to promote your affiliate program by creating a few text ads and ad banners for your affiliates to copy and paste.

2) Previous Customers-

Contact your previous customers and introduce your affiliate program as a quick way to earn some extra cash.

LeadDyno makes it simple for your customers to sign up and share their unique links on any social media platform.

3), craigslist & Other Job Sites-

I’ve had amazing success placing affordable ads on job sites offering applicants an opportunity to make a little money just by sharing affiliate links from home.

This will work very well for recruiting affiliates for a local business.

4) Press Releases-

You can get outstanding local and digital publicity when you announce the launch of your new promotional partner program.

Have a professional press release writer formulate the perfect verbage that’s going to make your release stand out.

I do have a few words of warning about affiliate programs. First, if you’re going to create one, be sure to stand behind it 100%.

I can’t count the number of website I’ve been to that have abandoned affiliate programs, so make sure you’re either in or out.

Secondly, always pay your affiliates fairly and on schedule. A delay in payment is a sure way to kill an affiliates enthusiasm.

To have success with an internet marketing affiliate program, all it really takes is just a couple of firecrackers to push your business to a whole new level of of sales.

And when you recruit a true go-getter, it’s to your advantage to treat them right and keep them tight!

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