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How To Advertise My Business Locally With A Local Niche Blog.

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What if there were a way to advertise your business locally so that every dollar you invested would work twice as hard to put more money into your wallet?

Even better… how about if this same method of advertising could, over time, become a stable source of revenue for your business.

Not only will you beef up the sales of your current products and services, but you’ll also create an additional injection of new revenue for your business.

With a local niche blog, you can make advertising your business, YOUR business.

Technology has changed everything. It’s now so easy to advertise your business locally that you no longer need to use an advertising agency as a “middleman” between you and your future customers.


You can start a local niche blog relevant to the industry of your business and use it as your own advertising platform.


A niche blog is not the same as, nor should be utilized like your businesses primary blog.

A local niche blog should be used to capture the attention of a wider audience. Its main objective is to deliver informative and entertaining content for followers who have a general interest in the topic.

For instance, an owner of a local fitness center might start a niche blog that reports on general family health & wellness within their community.

The blog could cover diets, recipes, success stories, outdoor adventures, and so on. It should be a “stand alone” site with its own domain name, totally independent from the business.

By doing so, visitors will see it as an authoritative source for community health information and not as a sales brochure for the local gym.

In taking this autonomous position, the niche blog will gradually build its own fan following that the gym owner could occasionally advertise to.

It’s a perfect way to prospect for new customers. You’ll be responsible for providing a genuine source of free information useful to the target demographic of people you need to grow your business.

As they become comfortable with the content of your blog, they’ll be more responsive to your business offerings when you begin to place advertisement messages.


Another reason you want your local niche blog to be separate from your main business is that you’ll want it to accumulate its own equitable value.


What you’re investing in isn’t just advertising, but digital real estate. If for any reason you decide to discontinue your primary business, you could always have your local niche blog to fall back on. You could even sell the blog after it’s established a consistent revenue flow.


If that’s not enough reason to start your own
local niche blog, take a look at a few others…


  • Your Advertising Dollars Become An Investment

How convenient and economic would it be to have your own advertising platform? You could have peace of mind knowing that the money you spend to advertise your primary business is also an investment working towards increasing the value of your blog.

Every business owner knows that when they spend money with an advertising agency they risk “being the loser” and having nothing to show for their expenditure.

With your own local niche blog, you eliminate the risk of loss by leveraging your investment into an advertising medium owned by you, instead of handing it over to someone else.


  • Another Stream of Income For Your Business

Not only will you be able to advertise on your own blog, but you’ll find that business owners with compatible products/services will pay you to advertise their businesses as well. You could generate an entirely new source of income promoting other businesses.


  • Build A SOLID Online Brand & Reputation

A local niche blog could greatly enhance your brand and reputation within the local community. You’ll dominate in online searches making your business extremely accessible for those looking for the services you have to offer.

And with so much quality content leading back to your business, you’ll be known as the “local authority” within your industry.


  • Grow A Massive Database of Prospective Customers

Lists are a huge asset for businesses. It’s the only way to consistently maintain contact with prospects and customers. Businesses with well-established lists, find it very hard not to succeed.

You’ll find it a lot easier to grow an email list with a local niche blog. People will more readily share their contact data as a way to receive quality content from a source that supplies free information.

They are more hesitant with business blogs because no one wants to receive loads of spam attempting to sell them something every day.


  • There’s Virtually NO COMPETITION

In most small communities, you’ll find very little competition when starting a hyper-local niche website or blog. Which is all the reason you should consider establishing one for your industry.

The demand already exists for locally developed entertainment and media. People are craving to learn more about niche topics and how they relate to the people and places of their own local community. Be the first to fulfill this need within your industry and you could reap great rewards!


  • We’ll Do The Work For You!

Although anyone can build up a local niche blog, it can take a great bit of time and effort to get started. And if you’re not already familiar with the process, there’s a learning curve that you as a busy business owner most likely don’t have time to absorb.

That’s where ULiveWV comes in! We’ll take care of the planning, development, launch, promotion and management of your local niche blog. You won’t have to lift a finger.


Our talented freelance workers with create original content for your blog. We’ll then promote your content with social media and the internet. We’ll even help you monetize your blog by acquiring advertisers.


Together we’ll build your local niche blog into an additional income source for your business. Every dollar you spend will be an investment towards expanding your businesses brand and adding value to your digital real estate.

If you’re asking the question, “How to advertise my business locally”, you’ll find that the technology available today, can give you many options that once weren’t possible.

You can now design your own advertising platform that promotes your business, builds a database, establishes your online reputation, eliminates the “risk” with ad agencies, and gets other businesses to pay to advertise with you.

Learn more about starting your own local niche blog. Contact us:

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