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Get Paid $5 Per Referral With My Online Startup

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Get Paid $5 Per Referral

Wasting time is something I avoid doing at all costs and I’m sure you probably feel the same way. So why spend time earning $1 when that same time could be used to get paid $5 per referral?

When investing work, time and effort towards sending referrals to a partner site I hope to make two accomplishments:

1) Provide Value To The Visitor

First and foremost I aim to please the person I am referring by suggesting a product that I myself have used or am confident will deliver a desired solution.

2) Earn A Fair Referral Reward

Referring new customers to a business should be mutually beneficial to both the referrer and the business being referred. Laying the boundaries for a long-lasting partnership.

In saying that, I would like to suggest an exciting program that not only enables you to get paid $5 per referral, but will also allow you to actually “own” your referrals, giving you a share of any additional income your referrals generate.

When I first stumbled upon My Online Startup I must admit, I had my doubts.

As the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.”

However, after signing up, (which is completely free), I’ve gained more understanding on the workings behind the program. And I’m quite impressed!

I have found My Online Startup to be a solid training course for beginning affiliate marketers.

Starting with zero investment, a newbie affiliate marketer can sign up with My Online Startup; get instant access to video training, online courses, a supportive social community, and can refer all of it to other newbies as a way to get paid online.

I’ve read reviews of My Online Startup that pass the idea that there’s no real product; I believe that to be 100% FALSE!

The product is the education, the support, the “done for you” system, the community, and most importantly the opportunity to earn a lucrative income.

Getting paid $5 per referral is only where the excitement begins!

As a free My Online Startup member, you can earn as much as $100 for a referral who upgrades to Partner Membership.

That’s what I said… $100 per Partner referral! Take a look at my earnings since starting:

And that’s while you’re a FREE Member. It gets even better if you want to move into higher levels.

For instance, when you begin generating a steady flow of referrals and want to get paid larger commissions, you can become a Legendary member yourself where you’ll earn a whopping $1000 per Legendary referral.

Oh YEAH… That’s 5X the income for the same amount of work!

But wait… There’s More!

Let’s say you’ve been a Partner Member for a while and the profits just keep streaming in. $100 here, another $100 there, and on and on.

At this point you’re thinking maybe it’s time for me to go to the big leagues. “I’m gonna go Legendary Partner!”

Check this out… A Legendary Partner earns $500 to $2000 per referral.

So if any of those Partner referrals that you made decide they also want to go Legendary, you’ll get either $500 or $2000 depending upon the partner package they purchase.

By now you’ve realized My Online Startup offers over and beyond the ability to get paid $5 per referral. We’re talking about growing massive income here.

So don’t take my word for it at all! Go sign up with My Online Startup for free and discover the value for yourself.

Why make just $5 here or there, when you could make $20, $100, $500 or even $2000?

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