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Event Promotion Ideas Creative Advertising Strategies That Work

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You don’t want your perfectly planned event to fall victim to crappy attendance. Do you?

Of course not… why would anyone invest their precious time organizing a spectacular event, only to drop the ball by failing to properly execute creative event promotion strategies?

Surprisingly, this is a common mistake made by many local event planners.

They pour all they have into the organization of an event and then feel a few posts on social media will magically open the doors to a flood of attendees. This is not the case.

Event promotion needs just as much, and sometimes more, of your attention as planning the actual event.

So today I’m going to share with you 6 creative event promotion ideas and strategies that you can use to attract epic attendance for your upcoming event.


6 Event Promotion Ideas Creative Advertising Strategies That Work!


1) Create An Event Promotional Landing Page –

The first step towards scoring more attendees for your event is by setting up a standalone registration landing page.

You wouldn’t throw a party without sending invitations, and as such, you shouldn’t host an event without a landing page capable of persuading visitors to take an immediate action.


An event landing page is where you can sell the sizzle and build the anticipation of your event to prospective attendees.


On your promotional page you’ll want to clearly communicate what your event is about, who you are and why you’re holding this event.

Most importantly,  you want to provide an irresistible offer with a call to action (CTA) so you can collect contact information from interested visitors.

Your event’s landing page will serve as the single destination to send potential registrants for optimal conversions.

It will work as your “event salesperson” turning curious visitors into excited attendees eagerly awaiting the day of your occasion.


Not sure how to setup a landing page? No problem. It’s EASY!


GetResponse offers affordable online marketing tools that even a digital dumb dumb can quickly learn.

Their software includes many done-for-you templates where all you have to do is copy and paste content to the page. No coding and no hassles.

In addition, GetResponse has email management tools enabling you to capture contact information and seamlessly follow-up with automated messages.

I’ve used GetResponse for all of my own online projects and I couldn’t be happier with the ease of use it provides.


2) Giveaway Free Prizes & Gifts –

Spark the buzz about your event by giving away random prizes and gifts.

Nothing gets people more engaged than the idea of getting something of value absolutely free.

Are you selling tickets? Give some away to a few lucky winners. Have a product or service that will be featured at the event? Let a couple attendees have it for free when their names are drawn.


A giveaway is a creative advertising strategy that is proven to work, if what you’re giving away has value.


Giveaways help you to expand your reach into the social networks of your followers. In turn, more people will learn about your event and possibly attend.

You could promote your giveaway on your landing page as the main offer, and if it’s exciting enough, visitors won’t hesitate to share your page with their friends.


3) Post To Event Submission Sites –

This event promotion task could go without mentioning, but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway… Get your event listed online!

Thousands of people search online everyday to discover upcoming events in their communities and it would be a sad shame not to be there.


Submitting your event online is how you get the low hanging fruit. It’s totally free and is one of the best methods for increasing attendance.


You can find both local and national event submission sites to post your event.

A few local sites to check for event promotion opportunities might be the chamber of commerce, radio stations, newpapers, and other community based websites.

And then there are the national event submission sites like, and, to name a few.

Posting your event on your Facebook page will also help to alert your followers as well.

As you’re submitting to event sites, be sure to insert the link to your landing page within the post. This way those who are serious about attending can register for your offer(s), giveaways and exclusive updates.


4) Launch A Digital “Pre-Event” Campaign –

Oh boy… This is my favorite! You can be super creative and host an online digital event that proceeds your live one.

It may take a little extra planning to use this event promotion idea, but it’s well worth the effort when done correctly.


What you’re going to do is “tease” your audience with entertaining videos, webinars, courses, or quality relevant content that wets their appetite.


The goal is to get maximum engagement online well before your live event takes place.

Maybe you can hold a competition and video participants as they make an attempt to win.

OR how about a 5 day email presentation that shares the juicy “behind the scenes” activities of the event.

OR offer an exclusive VIP webinar for premium attendees where they can collaborate directly with you and your team on the development of the event.

There are multiple paths you can take to design a creative pre-event campaign. But whatever you do make sure it entertains and engages your audience.

I don’t want Form skimp on this great event promotion strategy, so for more ideas on creating awesome digital events read my article on Local Community Digital Event Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners.


5) Partner With Local Micro Influencers –

Do you know of a local celebrity, a popular YouTuber, a community blogger or an Instagram influencer whom you could hire to spread news of your event?

Local micro influencers are swiftly becoming more commonplace as brand ambassadors for small businesses.

Micro-influencers are people who have 1,000 to 100,000 social media followers on a specific platform.

These “local celebrities” have established strong trusting relationships with their followers and project an authoritative presence in their unique niches.


Getting an endorsement from a credible local influencer who reaches the same target demographic as your event, can give a tremendous boost to your overall attendance.


To find influencers in your area I suggest sifting through the media platforms that would be suited for your audience.

For example, Facebook is the top social media platform in my community, so I would invest some time messaging people who have 1,000+ local followers to see if we can form a partnership.

Consumers today make their buying decisions on the recommendations and reviews of others. A recent study found that 49% of consumers made purchases based on the suggestions of an influencer.

Another eye-opening statistic is that 71% of marketers feel influencer marketing helps them create greater brand awareness.

Be sure to incorporate influencer advertising into your event promotion plan and watch your attendance rise.


6) Video Marketing on YouTube & Facebook –

I recently read an article on Eventbrite that sums up event video marketing perfectly. It said…

In 2018, 95% of event promoters who used video said it was effective. Yet 57% of events still don’t use video, according to Eventbrite’s 2019 Pulse Report.

So what’s holding you back? Do you feel you need a professionally produced video? Or maybe you don’t have any ideas on how to use implement video marketing?

I know, video production can seem overwhelming for an event planner, but it doesn’t have to be.

You don’t need a perfectly polished video to generate views and get traffic to your event landing page. You just need extraordinary content that strikes the cords of your audience.


For example a short video that announces key elements of your event (speakers, activities, entertainment & food) is a great way to build anticipation and attract attendees.


You can easily use do-it-yourself tools like Animoto to create impressive video in minutes without any prior editing experience.

And to get the most bang from your video event promotions I recommend using the paid advertising options on YouTube and Facebook.

Both platforms have targeting features capable of showing your videos to a predefined audience of viewers.

For instance, with YouTube you can opt to show your video based on the channels viewers subscribe to, their geographic location and their interests.

I actually like YouTube’s interruptive advertising strategy better than that of Facebook, because I constantly find myself drawn into the ads. Which to me means, it works!

Having been in advertising sales for most of my adult life, I’m not easily persuaded by the barrage of marketing messages I come across. So when I see an ad or platform that captures my attention that’s saying something.

To add to that, YouTube reaches more American 18- to 34-year-olds than any TV network. Imagine placing your event video message right in front of quality prospects for a fraction of the cost of cable TV.

Take your event to the next level and put these event promotion ideas, creative advertising strategies to work. There’s no reason you have to settle for mediocre attendance with an effective plan for event promotion.

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