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Micro Niche Blog Ideas – Event Blogging.

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Micro Niche Blog Ideas

The world has evolved beyond the crevice of staying on a spot for so long, if you are not moving with the trends then I’m afraid you might lose out of opportunities that come your way. Of such opportunities is the idea of a micro Niche Blog.

This concept was not commonly craved for a few years back but the world has appreciated its values beyond what you can imagine the present time.

Beyond the fact that blogging is generally accepted as a medium everyone needs, it also gives a blog owner the chance to make more money depending on how creatively he/she can think.

However, as blogging seems to be a good entrepreneurial idea for the minds that can convey its processes, you also have to be able to keep a lot in mind and not being forgetful.

Starting from strategizing, creating a website and particularly picking the micro Niche you want to work with, blogging offers you to become a creative savvy entrepreneur with exciting ability to maximize opportunities and execute lots of tasks.

All depends on how you can build yourself to become better at what you do because the world only remembers the successful and not quitters.

So, what is a micro Niche Blog?

Firstly, a niche is a specific name used for a website created for a specific topic or trend. Take for example, there could be a website specifically for music, food recipes etc. Those websites are mainly used for the sole purpose for which they are created. All contents are purposed as well.

However, a micro Niche website is just a more narrowed down version of a niche site. The overall idea of a micro Niche Blog or site is to give a well-defined information to the people about a single topic. And because the sure or blog carries a single topic, it makes it easier to find.

After you might have gotten your website to be up and running, the next step is to choose the niche idea you want to base your site on.

Although there are many of these micro niche blog ideas, this article will focus on the event blogging. The featured will cut across all you need to know about event blogging and how to make ends meet from it.

Event Blogging (micro niche blog ideas).

Without saying much, event blogging literally means a blog that is dedicated to focus on upcoming events that is specially celebrated across the globe. Take for example, New Year, valentine’s day etc.

All you have to do is create a blog as mentioned earlier and further rank the blog in order to receive loads of visits during the general events on the blog.

Event based niche blogs are those blogs that receive most traffic on events only. The events can be of any type, take for example, Valentine’s day, New Year, Friendship day, etc. The main purpose is to earn the maximum amount of money within a very short period of time.

However, a proper off page and on page SEO strategy will further place you on the success lane.

How Can You Make Money from Event Blogging?

There are loads of ways you can materialize your efforts to make money via event blogging, these include:

1. Adsense
2. ‎Advertising your own product (if you have one)
3. ‎Infolinks
4. ‎CPA offers
5. ‎Chitika
6. ‎Affiliate marketing and many other Ad networks.

Perhaps you wish to create an event based blog, here is how you can do so.
The following steps will lead you to be able to create your own event based blog.

1. Create your own domain: Ensure you purchase a domain name related to the event blogging title you have chosen. For example: etc.

2. Always post title and content: Of all that you must be aware of, it is important to carefully execute this step. Here are some tips regarding posting on your event based blog.

  • You must differentiate your post title by looking forward to what people are likely to Search for.
  • Don’t include the year in your post title.
  • Curate a high quality content for your blog.
  • Always include internal links on your posts.

3. Link Building: Always ensure you include various techniques of building back-links back to your event based blog. You can also do well to share your content on popular social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

4. Search engine optimization: As mentioned earlier ways ensure you practice both OFF-Page as well as ON-Page search engine optimization of your event blog. If you don’t know much about how it works, it is best advised to hire an SEO expert.

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