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3 Free Start Up Instant Work From Home Jobs!

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What if you came across a few great work from home jobs that you could start the instant you learned of them. And not only that, they were absolutely free to start up!

Would you be interested?

I hope you said yes because I’ve discovered 3 totally unique work from home jobs that you can start in an instant and begin earning money by the end of this week or less.

First, let me state that with instant work from home jobs, just like any new job (or any newly acquired skill in general), you will go through a short learning curve.

The jobs listed below are skill-based positions where your income is in direct relation to how well you perform. Therefore the more experience & knowledge you gain, and the more work you put in, the more money you’ll ultimately make.

These instant work from home jobs will give you room for growth. With the exception of #1, you could easily start working the jobs for the purpose of earning a little extra income, but over time you might like to use them as a vehicle to start your own business.

Job #1 is instant work that you can begin right now! It’s not a job that can be developed into a business, but it’s a great way to make money in your spare time.


1) Earn Cash For Tasks

This free start up instant work from home job involves performing small tasks for online companies.

Online companies are in a frenzy every day working to develop new products and services to meet the needs of their customers. And in order for them to create profitable products, they must first learn what it is their customers want.

One method for discovering what their customers want is to initiate market research.

Carrying out a thorough market research campaign requires a company to gather feedback and opinions from people who fit the market they intend to serve. (This is where you come in!)

You can help these companies by completing small tasks like filling out surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, testing new products, clicking ads, participating in forums, etc…

All of the tasks are extremely easy and only require a small investment of time to complete. The trick to making the most money is by signing up with multiple companies so you can have a steady stream of task invitations hitting your email inbox.

In return for your participation, the companies will compensate you with gift cards, prizes, and most importantly… cash. You can work online and get paid instantly!

By working consistently you can potentially earn $50 to $500 per week completing tasks.

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2) Online Digital Marketing Sales

This is one of the free start up instant work from home jobs that could eventually earn you a very lucrative income.

Online Digital Marketing Sales is a job that grants you limitless freedoms.

You’ll have the freedom to sell any product you can imagine, the freedom to work whenever you want and the freedom to earn as much money as you’d like.

And the best part… you don’t have to talk to, meet, or even call a single person!

This job is performed 100% online and can even be automated so that you can keep earning even when you’re not working.

With online digital marketing sales, you can partner with one or many online companies for free and earn a commission each time you sell one of their products.

Some companies will pay you $500, $1,000 or more per sale!

You can choose from HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of products within any industry or niche that works best for you.

Say you wanted to start a fitness website that provides unique information on how work from home parents can get and stay fit.

There are all kinds of health & fitness products that you could sell from your site. Products like nutritional plans, weight loss courses, magazine subscriptions, even fitness equipment. You might even create your own downloadable e-book and sell it.

Each time a visitor comes to your website and purchases a product, you get paid!

But with online digital marketing sales, you’re not limited to just using websites. You can sell products through videos, webinars, email, blogs, podcasts, apps, texts, whatever floats your boat…

This free start up instant work from home job is highly flexible giving you ample opportunities make serious money online.

Learn more about Online Digital Marketing Sales…Click Here


3) Creating Live & Digital Community Events

If you’re a person who likes the idea of working from home while engaging with your local community, then this free start up instant work from home jobs perfect for you!

With this job, you’re going to use digital marketing techniques to create local community events.

NOTE: If you’re unfamiliar with digital marketing, don’t let that stop you from pursuing this high-income opportunity. Especially when you can easily learn all you’ll need to know in The Event Entrepreneur e-book.

We all know that the whole world is going digital. But as of right now, there is a HUMONGOUS GAP between what’s happening online nationally and what’s happening online locally.

Think about it… most people are more familiar with events that are happening on the other side of the earth than they are with what’s going on in their own neighborhood.

We have national news, national entertainers that make national movies all run by national and international companies.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use all the technology that you have right at your fingertips to produce community events that take place on a digital platform like videos, webinars or e-courses?

Or maybe it could start on a digital platform and bloom into an exciting live event.

Want an example? Take a look at this idea for a pet marketing event that gets local community pet owners to contribute towards producing an online publication.

You can also read this special case study on how a successful community burger competition was created completely online and sent a ton of new customers to local restaurants.

Another idea is creating a local event blog that really gets in and reports on community events. You could take pictures, shoot short videos and write small articles to update residents on all that happened. You might even use Facebook LIVE to give a “sneak peek” into the event.

You can create live/digital events for local small business owners as a way for them to advertise their businesses.

Using digital marketing for local events is an amazing way to reach local residents on their mobile devices and entice them to participate by attending LIVE “in-person” events within their communities.

If we don’t bridge the gap between national and local soon, we risk losing real engagement in our communities. And you could be part of the solution!

Learn more about Creating Live & Digital Community Event… Click Here


Hopefully, these 3 free start up instant work from home jobs will at the very least spark some ideas for you to start making money from home. Much Success!

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