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PayPal Survey Sites With No Minimum Payout

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PayPal Survey Site With No Minimum Payout

It is no wonder that earning money through paid surveys or online surveys is considered to be one of the most efficient and easiest ways to earn money.

You are often required to register with the platform, and they will send you a series of surveys to fill, and you will be compensated according to the surveys completed by you in a single day.

In addition it makes earning all that more easier when you locate PayPal survey sites that can send your earnings direct to your PayPal account.

We have compiled a list of the sites that not only pays you a considerable amount of money via PayPal but, they also allow you to retrieve your compensation with no minimum payout:

5 Top PayPal Survey Sites With No Minimum Payout

Super Pay

Super Pay is a PayPal survey site that operates as a reward website, which is committed to offer surveys with a low or no minimum payout. It is known as a reliable way to earn money by completing and submitting surveys.

You are given the payment as soon as you are completed with the survey, without any further delay.

The rate of their payout rate ranges between $0.5 and $5. In addition to that, the paid offers introduced by Get-Paid are guaranteed to earn you a pay between $2 and $10.

Its additional features require you to watch a video, which would earn you a residual pay in return, along with earning you the points, which you can redeem later in exchange for cash.

Last but not the least; you can also navigate their referral program, which is guaranteed to earn you a lucrative amount of money in a short-term.


If you are on a hunt for PayPal survey sites with no minimum payout to pay its users—you can consider using offernation for this purpose. The website or, the platform is regarded as one of the top reward websites, which allow its users to complete surveys and visit websites in exchange for money.

They accept users from across the world, which means that anyone with a PayPal account can access this platform to earn a residual amount of income in their spare time.

Offernation, similar to superpay.me, is committed to offer various modules and ways of earning money through conducting surveys, paid-to-click tactics, and paid offers.

If you are dedicated towards earning money by completing surveys, it can earn you more than $20 on a daily basis.

You can receive the earned amount through your PayPal account, without having to pay any minimal payout for receiving money.

Rewarding Ways:

Rewarding ways is introduced as a rewarding program, which is dedicated to earn and receive a residual amount of money with no or low minimum payout PayPal surveys.

The reward website arranges for small tasks like surveys, offers, and referral programs, which are guaranteed to earn its users a considerable amount of money in their spare time.

If you are looking for a platform which does not require you to pay a substantial payout fee, you can resort to Rewarding ways to retrieve your money for less than $1.


InboxDollars is known as a reward site, which allows its users to earn PayPal cash without any minimum payout requirement.

The website caters to providing money to more than 400k registered users, and it compensates the efforts of its users for less than $1. It also rewards you with redeemable points, which could be redeemed at several online platforms.


GrabPoints is yet another PayPal survey site with an extremely low payout of just $3 or 3000 points. When you become a member, you can earn points for completing paid surveys, watching videos and doing special offers.

This survey site accepts members worldwide and is one the favorite websites to work with. Their platform is user friendly and allows members to quickly navigate from one offer to the other. Highly suggested!

BONUS: Gold Opinions

Gold Opinions is a site that actually sorts through PayPal survey sites and only delivers its members high paying tasks.

Unlike the other sites listed, Gold Opinions is a premiere survey membership site that doesn’t take from the earning of its members. So instead of receiving surveys with low $1 to $5 payouts, Gold Opinions works to get you $5 to $50+!

Lately they have been offering a $1 trial, so you can give it a try. If you don’t earn $100, $200, or even $500 within 60 days you can get a full refund. So you have nothing to lose and many high paying PayPal Surveys to gain.

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