Event Marketing

Lead Generation Funnel For Event Marketing

In order to thrive in the market and leave an everlasting impression on the minds of their customers, businesses must delineate unique strategies that would help them take a step forward towards fulfilling their desired objectives. The vast gamut of competition that surrounds every small and medium scale business in the present day, thanks to[…]

Event Marketing Ideas To Promote And Publicize

Event marketing can be really tough. After all, it is quite a daunting task. It usually comprehends and embodies a vast variety of disciplines, which usually requires loads of work. And usually a single person can never handle all this, multiple teams within an organization need to handle the tasks for event marketing ideas to[…]

Event Marketing… 3 Reasons Why Martinsburg Businesses Need It.

ULiveWV.com recently conducted a special survey/campaign to learn more about what type of events residents would like to see in the Eastern Panhandle. I wanted to share these results with you because I feel the information we received can help you greatly in gaining more customers for your business. Overall, the campaign reached over 20,733[…]

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