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Event Marketing: Create Event Videos That Drive Buzz

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Videos are powerful— far more than images or printed words.

Think about it:

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then you can only guess how many words a video is worth.

And this is why videos should be incorporated into every event marketing plan for a successful marketing campaign. Videos help create original ways to spark excitement and engagement so that the event lives up to the expectation of the audience.

So, how should you use video to market your local community and b2b events, increase attendance and registration and keep your audience interested even long after your event is over?


Before Event

Video content can increase on-page event registrations by 80 percent, according to Vidyard. Here are ways you can garner interest and create buzz before your event:

  1. Teaser Videos

Teasers are a great way to get people excited and talking about your event. The goal is to capture people’s attention and intrigue people, so it needs to be fun, short and keeps people guessing.

  1. Past Event Recap

An upbeat and compelling video of your past events should help potential registrants to visualize what the even looks like and encouraging them to sign up and attend.

  1. Speaker Intros

One way to get people excited about your upcoming event is to create comprehensive videos showcasing some of your speakers. Check to see if they have relevant existing videos from their previous speaking engagements.

Sharing this ahead of your event along with topic descriptions and agenda will help people see the value that your speakers can give them.


During Event

This is a great time to capture various kinds of original videos for future marketing uses and objectives. Live streaming during the event also creates interest in people who can’t come to the event.


  1. Customer Testimonials

There are certain kinds of events, for instance, open-houses, trade shows, and conferences, offering a great chance to interact with your clients in person.

This is also the perfect time to capture them on camera saying good things about your company. Your objective here id to get quick sound bites. Later, you can then group these short clips by role, industry or particular kind of problem.


  1. Event Recap Footage

Taking footage of the event is a good way to boost attendance for your next events. You will need to capture what actually makes the event different— whether it is the professional networking and development, great speaker, exciting product launching or just plain fun.


event marketing 2


Quick interviews with your attendees can also fit in here. You can show others why they decided to attend the event and the things that they enjoy about it.


  1. Behind The Scenes

This can be exclusive access to places of your event that might not be seen by your attendees. This can be on-the-spot interviews with your speakers before standing on stage or how your team prepares for the next step of your event. This is essentially the backstage experience.


After Event

Phew! And that’ a wrap! But it does not mean that you should also wrap on your marketing. Don’t lose the momentum now! You use video content to attract attendees and maintain their interest. Now, it is time to make the video contents from your event lives on long after the event.


  1. Leverage Your Event Recap Videos

After the event, you can send follow-up emails with your event recap videos, accompanied by a thank you note and encouraging them to share it with their social networks.

You can also upload the clip on social media platforms or on your website. Also, you can use this content for future event promotions.


  1. Re-purpose The Video Content

Like other contents and videos, event footage can also be repurposed in several ways. Once your videos are transcribed and then broken into shorter clips, you can then use your new visual and written content to stretch out the life of your videos, target your audience better, improve SEO rankings, get more eyes on your content and increase distribution.


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