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ULiveWV is accepting residents of Berkeley, Jefferson & Morgan Counties to become members of our Panhandle Partner Network.

As a Panhandle Partner, you’ll be paid to provide small services/tasks to business owners of Martinsburg WV and the Eastern Panhandle for the growth of their companies.

Registering to become a member is absolutely FREE! There are NO obligations, investments or commitments. Just opportunities for you to make money in Martinsburg WV helping small businesses grow!

Interested? Read below to learn how you can earn money partnering with local businesses.


Referral “Affiliate” Marketing Partnership (Word Of Mouth Promotions)

Small businesses around Martinsburg WV pay big advertising agencies A LOT of money to market to you. What if they “cut out the middleman” and formed a direct partnership with local residents and influencers who could then spread their message throughout their own individual social networks?

They could save THOUSANDS by avoiding fruitless advertising while rewarding the people of their own community at the same time. A true Win/Win situation!

As the internet continues to grow, individual users possess more promotional clout than ANY advertising agency.

Think about it… the average internet user has over 250 followers that they can reach any given moment on facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, LinkedIn and other social platforms.

If a business could get just 10 people to share their message, they could reach 2,500 people; 20 = 5,000, 30 = 7,500 and so on. The point is that, rather than trusting an ad agency, a business could reach far more people by partnering directly with the people of the community.

This strategy is called referral (or affiliate) marketing and it has been around for decades. And with technology so advanced and easily accessible to everyone, small business owners would be foolish not to use it to grow their businesses.

Affiliate marketing is a 5 Billion Dollar industry that’s expected to grow by 10% yearly. Most large corporations including Amazon.com, Walmart, Target and many, many others already use affiliate marketing to drive new sales. Small businesses are running a little late to the party.


How You Can Make Money In Martinsburg WV:

When you register, you’ll receive email notifications about new promotional campaigns being offered by Panhandle businesses.

Once you see a campaign that you’d like to promote, you’ll be given your own special link that can track clicks, leads, and sales generated by your individual efforts.

You’ll be compensated based on your promotional performance. For example:

If a local business is hosting an event and selling tickets for $25. Instead of using traditional advertising methods to sell tickets, the business could pay you $5 for each ticket you sell when you share their event sales page with your social networks.

That means you could get paid for taking a minute to send a simple message like:

Hey, everyone… ABC Business is going to be hosting (EVENT) in downtown Martinsburg. I’ll be attending and I thought some of you might be interested as well. Check it out here: (PASTE YOUR SPECIAL LINK)

You benefit by receiving payment for each ticket you sell and the business benefits by having to pay ONLY for the tickets that are sold. They don’t have to worry about wasting money on advertising that could still have them holding tickets in the end.

This is just one way in which you could promote this particular event. Depending on the amount of effort you want to invest, you could write an article about the event and post your special tracking link within the article. You could also do the same thing with a short video.

As a referral “affiliate” partner, you would be able to promote the products, services, events, and campaigns of all your favorite participating businesses in Eastern Panhandle.


A Perfect Fundraiser for Local Non-profit Organizations, Schools, Churches & Charities:

What an amazing opportunity for local non-profits!

If you’re in charge of raising funds for a local nonprofit organization, you can register to receive email updates on new campaigns.

When you see a campaign that fits the cause of your organization, you can easily promote it to your supporters with a message similar to the following:

Have FUN & Help (ORGANIZATION NAME) at the same time! ABC Business is hosting (EVENT) in downtown Martinsburg WV. It should be a great time with family and friends! If you purchase your ticket using the link below, 20% of the proceeds will be given to (ORGANIZATION NAME). As always, we Thank You for your support!

By promoting a few campaigns throughout the year, you could see a sizeable increase in your organization’s fundraising production.


Research & Development Partnership (Surveys, Polls, Focus Groups)

Large corporations spend millions on product research every year. In 2015 alone, the global innovation 1000, a list of public companies, spent well over $680 billion in research and development.

Sadly, the average small business owner does very little in the way of research & development and consequentially fails to properly service customers within their own community.

A business that invests into learning more about the wants and needs of the people they’ve chosen to serve will gain an immense advantage over their competition.

Your collaboration with small businesses of Martinsburg WV and the surrounding cities of the Eastern Panhandle will give them the insight they need to better serve the community.


How You Can Make Money In Martinsburg WV:

By registering, you’ll be added to our email list and contacted about opportunities to contribute your opinions, ideas and give feedback. You’ll get paid to assist Panhandle small businesses in gaining knowledge to design, develop, and enhance their product, services, technologies, or processes.

Your input, along with other residents, will be used to create new events, productions, media and entertainment exclusive to our community.

Get FREE Gifts, Special Prizes, and MORE!

In addition to money, many small businesses will want to give free product samples, gift certificates, free trials and other rewards in return for your participation.

What a fun way to engage in creating new experiences right here in the Panhandle!


We need your support so we can
help you make money!


We need your help to develop a sizeable network of local community partners.

By registering and sharing this information with your friends & followers, you’ll help us gain the support we’ll need to provide referral marketing and research & development services to local small businesses.

In order for us to move forward in providing these services, we’ll need to acquire at least 3,000 registrants. In our estimations, if only 5% of the 3,000 (150 people) registrants actively participate, the estimated reach would be 150 * 250 = 37,500 people.

37,500 is a very conservative projection based on each registrant having 250 people within their own personal social networks and just 5% of the 3,000 actively participating. (NOTE: This number is an estimate and could be more or less once executed.)

Even with just half at 18,750, businesses would reach more local people than most other methods of marketing. And those other methods can’t offer the advantage of having a direct referral from a friend or family member while doing it at half of the cost.

To be a registrant you must be 16+ and a resident of Berkeley, Jefferson or Morgan County.

Again, registration is completely free, with no obligations, investments or commitments.

As a BONUS, You’ll receive a weekly progress report showing updates on the number of registrants and the number of interested businesses.

Register now and be qualified to make money in Martinsburg WV to help local small businesses succeed!

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