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5 Social Entrepreneurship Ideas and Examples for Your Business Enterprise.

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Great social entrepreneurship ideas can be the seeds that blossom into miraculous enterprises which maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being.

A social enterprise is a business idea that supports the need to solve a social problem in particular communities.

It is almost the same as a traditional business idea, and the difference lies in the motivation of the entrepreneur.

In a traditional business idea, entrepreneurship is motivated by the opportunity to make money.

In a social enterprise, on the other hand, the entrepreneur is driven by the need to solve a problem for society and environment.

Here is a list of social entrepreneurship ideas that will not only help you get a better understanding of the concept, but you can actually put into practice immediately:


1. The Smart Solar Box

Engineer, Ryan Tanner, designed a very simple process for homeowners to transform a common toolbox into a portable energy source.

His social enterprise is helping people all over the U.S. save money on energy bills and even prepare for emergency situations.

The Smart Solar Box is a lightweight portable endless self-sustaining power source that can reduce a power bill by 70% and save over $2,000 a year in energy expenses.

Currently, over 10,000 homeowners in the U.S. are using the smart solar toolbox to aid in powering their homes.

Your social entrepreneurship venture could be to learn to make this amazing box and either sell it or give it to people who need it most.



2. EZ Battery Reconditioning

Have you ever thought about the importance of batteries in
our day to day activities?

They’re in your car, your cell phone, your remote controls, and
if you have kids you’re well aware that they’re in just about all of their toys.

What if instead of throwing old batteries away, you could easily
bring them back to life?

Restoring old batteries is great for the environment by minimizing the number of toxic chemicals being dumped in landmines.

Tom Ericson & Frank Thompson have created a course that anyone can use to learn how to gather up old batteries and recondition them back to working order.

Some have used the system to earn very lucrative incomes by recycling batteries that would otherwise have been piled up as waste.

EZ Battery Reconditioning is one of the social entrepreneurship ideas that you can perform in your own community!



3. Build A Shipping Container Home

How would you like to turn old shipping containers into beautifully designed homes?

These recycled homes could provide shelter for the homeless or temporary retreats for battered women; the possibilities are endless.

Warren Thatcher has drafted multiple construction guides that show exactly how to assemble container homes with as little investment as possible while building a safe and extremely strong structure that is completely livable.

There are many social enterprise ideas that can come from knowing how to construct low cost and affordable housing for those in need.



4. Water Liberty – NanoTowels

Cleaning up our messes is just a part of life, but we shouldn’t do it at the expense of poisoning our environment.

Paper towels cause us to consume massive amounts of trees and water.

NanoTowels are “Magical” towels that eliminate the need to clean with toxic cleaners and will allow you to save hundreds yearly while saving the earth.

Water Liberty is a social enterprise that has formed a partnership with Trees For The Future and for each pack of NanoTowels purchased they will plant a tree on the customer’s behalf.

Currently, over 89,688 trees have been planted in underprivileged communities.

Water Liberty is definitely making a difference with NanoTowels!



5. Host Live & Digital Community Events

Creating small events for your community is an excellent way to earn an income while building relationships with the people of your neighborhood.

And since events are limited by your imagination alone, you can create an event where proceeds can be donated to a relevant charity of your choosing.

There are many strategies that can be implemented in your events.

Live events will give your guests a complete experience by allowing them to use all 5 of their senses, while digital events will help you build a following and raise the potential of success for your live events.

To learn more about to creating amazing live & digital events in your community, take a look at our post on how to create innovative local community events.


Final Word

The social entrepreneurship ideas stated above are just a drop in the ocean of opportunities in social enterprise ventures.

There is a vast number of possibilities waiting for you to unleash their full potential. However, social entrepreneurship demands creativity and commitment.

The good thing is that once you show your commitment to the social cause, it will be easier for you to attract sponsors and other donors who can really make your work easier. We wish you all the best as you venture into social entrepreneurship.

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