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Lead Generation In Digital Marketing

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Lead Generation In Digital Marketing

Lead generation in Digital Marketing, is a process that identifies potential consumers and converts them into paying customers of a brand.

This interest is demonstrated through the information provided in a form to receive an offer (rich material) or a newsletter subject. There are many types of leads based on the interest shown by the person requesting information about a product or service.

The most interesting for the companies are the qualified leads or hot leads (those that present a very high interest) because, in this case, the chances of the prospect completing a transaction are very high.

Qualified Lead Generation In Digital Marketing

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a lead will become a customer or even that it will return to your site.

However, the same does not apply to a qualified lead. This concept covers the user who has already identified a problem and is looking for the solution. That is, someone who is considering buying your product or contracting your service.

Clearly identifying your qualified leads will allow your marketing team to create more effective campaigns to reach that consumer. At this stage, it is necessary that your content be more specific to show your qualified lead that you offer the best solution.

How to Qualify A Lead In Digital Marketing?

The process to qualify a lead is delicate and can involve a series of tests until your company finds the best model.

There are no rules to follow since that will depend on your product, market and how much you are willing to invest. On the other hand, some digital marketing strategies tend to show that they are more efficient than others.

With a good relationship between cost and benefit, content marketing has to demonstrate the best strategy both to generate them and to qualify a lead.

Beyond showing your product, you will be educating the client about the problem and its solution. This means a consumer much more faithful to your brand and willing to pay what is necessary.

Lead generation can be a slow process within your sales funnel. Having different content strategies for each stage of the funnel will improve your conversion rates.

For example, in the attraction, you can share content explaining the problem of the client and attracting it to your funnel, where the type of content will deal especially about the solutions to this problem.

Finally, the client is sent to the next stage of the funnel, where your sales department takes the lead.

What are the incentives to generate leads?

For a customer to agree to give personal information, he must be able to see a definite advantage in giving this information.

That is to say: acquisition of knowledge, a discount, a promotion, an invitation, a gift, etc. To give this benefit to visitors to the site, there are different tools:

  • The contests: In exchange for his information, the visitor, if he is drawn, will be able to win a present.
  • Advertgame: In exchange for its information, the visitor will be able to be entertained using an online game.
  • Affiliation: this is a marketing technique that allows you to distribute its product offering on partner sites to capture new prospects.
  • Download content, in exchange for personal information, the visitor can acquire knowledge.
  • Co-Registration
  • Sponsorship, the visitor uses his contacts by registering them on your site; in return, there must be at the key a bonus like a discount, a gift.
  • This is an email collection technique. When registering the user for a newsletter, for example, the website also offers to register with partners.

All of these ways will allow you to find new prospects through your business website.

It will only remain to convert these prospects into customers through CRM software or marketing automation. Indeed only 3% of your prospects will contact you directly.

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