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If you’ve read anything on the topic of sales and marketing, you must have heard the term “sales funnel” time and again.

For those of you who might not know, a sales funnel, as the name suggests, is essentially an automated lead generation model that looks like a funnel.

How Does A Lead Generation Funnel Builder Work?

A customer enters the top of funnel when he submits contact information; such as a text number or email address. Those who enter the top of the funnel have shown some type of interest in your product or service.

Therefore, once they find their way into the arrangement, you can persuade them to roll out their money into things that cost more than those that they have already purchased.

For instance, if you are a physical trainer, your entry-level product could be a week of free trial where you share a few exercises for beginners, which must be coupled with some others that you will charge for in the coming weeks to make the most out of the entire set.

The most impactful strategy of increasing sales and generating leads

To make the sales funnel effective, you must have access to two things and they are, a) a full-proof marketing strategy, and b) a funnel builder.

Remember that your chief objective here is to convince people to keep moving up your product/service lines. So, if you are wondering if a funnel builder would be a great choice, then we would say a big yes!

Sales funnel builder is undoubtedly, the most powerful way of positioning your marketing policies into place with the added advantage of automation.

If you are looking for a credible free funnel builder and lead generation automation tool, then we would suggest you try GetResponse.

GetResponse sales funnel builder and marketing automation

The most interesting part of GetResponse’s sales builder lies in the fact that you will be offered a free funnel builder for 30-days to test it out as soon as you sign up. Apart from this, here are a few other features of the platform that we think, deserve acknowledgment. 

  • Link other online shops

You will have the option to link your online shop with GetResponse and resultantly, popularize your inventory in your account. You can also capitalize on their native plugins to analyze the products that customers would love to buy more and accordingly, take action by sending automated, customized offers to grab their attention and increase the conversion rate.

  • Expand your product library

GetResponse eliminates the need of finding a different e-commerce platform to sell your products online.

You can keep adding products in your account that you want to vend and your repertoire can include anything from services, consultations, and webinars to physical products. If required, you can draw products from your other online shops like Magento, Shopify, Etsy, Stripe, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

  • Streamline your sales

 If you are on the lookout for something that will integrate your selling process and streamline it, then GetResponse will qualify as the ultimate solution. There you will be rendered with the prospect of promoting and selling your products with assistance from ready-made and automated lead generation sales funnel.

Generating organic traffic, fostering new signups surging the conversion rate- name it and you will have it with the sales funnel of GetResponse.

  • Generate leads and convince customers to come back for more

GetResponse will guide you to encourage your customers to buy again by recommending products that they cannot say no to. The recommendations will start flowing automatically from the real-time data ensued from the store.

  • Automated follow-ups

To ensure that your website is being persistently furnished with leads, GetResponse will send timed follow-up emails to consumers in the form of upsell offers, abandoned cart reminders, post-purchase confirmations, and product suggestion. The good news is, on your part, you will have to only sit back and relax; the automation templates will optimize your customer’s journey without any additional hassle whatsoever. 

The bottom line

The reason why we are inclining our favor towards this particular platform is that it has been in the market for quite some while and boasts of innumerable testimonials from people who have previously used it and received results that have complied with their expectations.

Also, a precautionary note here would be that if you fail to choose a viable funnel builder, all your plans of influencing customers to turn to you will fall flat on their faces as there are an infinite number of alternatives waiting to welcome them and most importantly, today’s consumers are savvier than ever.

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