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It’s maybe the best landing page builder for small business.

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I’ve worked with many lead generation marketing programs. All have some features that are superior and other features that are second-rate at best.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I need software that enables me to build high-converting landing pages for my clients. GetResponse has allowed me to do that and more!

But before explaining why GetResponse is the best landing page builder I’ve used, I must preface that a small business owner needs to have the capability to manage their entire lead marketing system autonomously. They should have full access to their own online properties without it being held hostage by a marketing or advertising agency.

Too many times I’ve seen unscrupulous advertising agencies gain control of websites, landing pages and email lists of small businesses only to charge overpriced fees for maintaining them. And if the business owner ever decided to go in another direction the agency would, in turn, charge an additional fee to release their email list, if they’ll do it at all.

Also, a business owner should never have individual advertising companies like radio, newspaper, social media agencies, outdoor signage, etc. maintain their lead generation system. You should have full control over your landing page builder and email marketing system. This ensures that your email list is always safely in your possession. Use advertising companies to drive traffic to your lead system, not control it.

Which leads me back to GetResponse. It is a complete all-in-one platform that will allow even the most technologically unaware to grow their business online.

The software has over 100 predesigned landing page templates that can be easily edited with the use of drag N drop elements. They supply you with 1,000 free iStock images to make you page look professional. Each landing page also comes with a matching thank you page to present to your visitors who convert into leads.

Your landing pages will be mobile-responsive and can adjust to the screen of any desktop, tablet or cell phone. And its integrations will give you access to tracking, optimization, and social sharing.

But landing pages are just the beginning! GetResponse comes with a full suite of email marketing tools that will have you building your valuable customer list in no time.

Relationship building is the most important aspect of marketing. With GetResponse’s email marketing system you’ll be able to automate the entire process. Track who’s opening your messages and what actions they take next.

You can set up A/B testing with both your landing pages and your emails to constantly optimize your campaigns for the best response.

For the more involved user, GetResponse has a marketing automation platform to build intuitive workflows that adjust the online experience for each prospect, based on their actions.

There’s no doubt that GetResponse is the best landing page builder for small businesses to grow their sales.

The icing on the cake is its affordability. After a free trial, you can sign up for just $15/month. The cost will increase as your marketing needs develop, making it easy on your budget.

GetResponse is a robust software program that caters to the needs of novice marketers as well as advanced. I highly recommend signing up for the free trial and testing it out for yourself.

By the way, if you’re a small business owner or a freelancer who wants absolutely nothing to setting up landing pages and managing email systems, please contact and we’ll set up your account for you.

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