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Using Digital Marketing Funnels to Increase Online Sales Conversions

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Using Digital Marketing Funnels To Increase Online Sales Conversions

Many business owners complain that even when they are doing almost everything to boost conversion rates; still, they are not observing any hike in the sales.

Well, the biggest mistake that new-age business owners make while branding their niche is not focusing on digital marketing funnels.

Every business needs to take care of the customer journey. It should be satisfactory and encouraging. But if you are busy leading your branding campaigns and fail to care about customer experiences, you may miss the opportunity to boost leads.

In this article, we are going to talk about digital marketing funnels and their importance for business. At the same time, we will provide information about the most trusted tool to increase online sales conversions.


What is a digital marketing funnel?


If we talk about the fundamental application of funnel, it is basically a tool that we use to pour a specific type of substance. In a similar manner, the digital marketing funnel is also designed with the same concept. The idea is to achieve a specific objective – motivate customers to invest in your niche.

On the top of the digital marketing funnel, you put the traffic by using some solid marketing tactics and drive those visitors to the bottom of the funnel where they get converted into high paying customers.

In general, every digital marketing funnels have 4 or 5 stages including awareness, interest, desire, action and advocacy. Once you utilize these aspects successfully, it becomes easier to improve odds against establishing long-lasting relationship with customers.

In order to lead successful results with the digital marketing funnel, you need to follow three main strategies:

  • First of all, it is important to set up a foundation for your campaigns by defining a clear objective. Some of the best methods to create awareness at this stage are offer lead magnets, create an attention-grabbing landing page and create email subscribers list.
  • Secondly, you need to make efforts to get traffic to your funnel. Start ending email sequences to your subscribers, advertise your products and services to target demographics and track customer behaviours.
  • Ultimately, those visitors must be converted into paying customers. At this stage, you can employ A/B testing tools, heat mapping tools and user conversion optimization tools.

Once you follow effective strategies to execute all these three steps, it will be easier to ensure higher conversion rates.


Importance of Digital Marketing Funnels:


Once you have understood the fundamentals of the digital marketing funnel, it will be easier to drive considerable profits out of it. The idea is to apply a stronger strategy to reach your business goals faster. Below we have listed points describing the importance of digital marketing funnel:

  • The personalized lead nurturing efforts with marketing funnels help to enhance sales for the business.
  • It provides detailed information about the behavior of leads so that sales teams can close the deals with ease.
  • The sales process with digital marketing funnels can be automated with ease. It can save much of your time and efforts as well.
  • Create higher trust and awareness among leads. It further helps to build strong brand value.
  • It offers lesser errors as compared to manual processes. Hence, you can ensure better returns in the long run.

In short, marketing funnels help to generate more leads with an ability to close the deals faster. Other than this, it makes optimization of marketing campaigns much easier to capture audience attention.


Designing your marketing funnels with GetResponse:

If you are working on marketing funnels for the first time, you may need some trusted tool to ensure better results for all your efforts. Many growing business owners and big brands prefer to use GetResponse for designing effective marketing funnel.

Marketing funnels are also named as purchase funnels, lead funnels, sales funnels or conversion funnels and their main goal is to sell a product, build a list and promote the webinar.

Experts believe that GetResponse makes the entire process pretty easier for the marketing and sales teams.

This specially designed tool can:

  • Help you develop mailing list with enhanced ability to capture data into it.
  • Create newsletters which can be further transferred to the subscribers on the pre-designed mailing list.
  • Automate emails and responses via auto-responder tools.
  • View as well as analyze stats related to email marketing campaigns.

However, the developers at GetResponse have recently updated its features to offer all-in-one marketing solution for the growing businesses. Along with email marketing, it can now help you to lead with website hosting, e-commerce features, automated sales funnels and landing pages.

GetResponse is serving clients in the business industry since 1998, and today it is serving more than 3,50,000 businesses and individuals around the world with interactive email marketing campaigns. You can access different pricing plans of GetResponse depending upon the specific needs of your business; generally, the basic plan is available with a price tag of $15 per month, and it allows sending unlimited emails to almost 1000 customers.

The Plus plan starts with the price tag of $49 per month and can cover 1000 customers. The Professional plan comes with a few additional features, and you have to pay $99 per month to access this advanced range of services. However, some businesses can also get customized services with its negotiable Max plan.


Key Features of GetResponse:


There is no doubt to say that GetResponse is one of the most comprehensive and advanced marketing tools for growing businesses. Here we have listed a few amazing features of this digital solution:

  • Autoresponders can help you send custom e-newsletters to the subscribers.
  • The simple and intuitive drag and drop type marketing automation system allow easy development of workflows for enhanced functionality.
  • Helps to create responsive email designs that can be viewed perfectly on the desktop computer, mobile and tablet.
  • Wide range of analytics with creative reporting options.
  • Landing page creator and split testing for enhanced performance.

In short, GetResponse offers endless features for the uninterrupted growth of the business. It is good to choose the most suitable plan of GetResponse for your business and start building a reputation online.

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