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Do you have a talent that can be used to promote small businesses in Martinsburg WV?

ULiveWV is on the lookout for talented local residents who can use their skills and creativity to assist partner businesses in delivering entertaining media throughout the Eastern Panhandle.

Businesses in Martinsburg WV need new and creative ways to reach potential customers, and you may have just what it takes to help them boost sales!


If you are 16+, and have a unique talent that could be beneficial towards the development of promotional digital media, we would love to hear from you.


To participate, you’ll need to provide a DEMONSTRATIVE SUBMISSION showing EXACTLY how your talent could be used to promote businesses in Martinsburg WV and the areas around the Panhandle.

Your DEMO should be a planned, professional presentation of your services; just as if it were produced for a real business.

Why does it need to be professional? Because once it has been received, it will be added to ULiveWV’s DEMO Portfolio and promoted both on the internet and directly to local business owners.

Your DEMO submission, along with the submissions of other talented residents, will become a product for ULiveWV to sell to owners seeking unique marketing strategies for their businesses.


Generally speaking… ULiveWV will work as your local “Talent Agent”. Our goal will be to use your DEMO as a tool to find you paying Martinsburg WV jobs for the service in which it demonstrates.


For example, if you happen to be a vocalist/singer/writer, then you could write and sing short jingles for local businesses.

Use your creativity to produce an attention-grabbing DEMO that uses some form of digital media to showcase your talent.(In this case, your talent would be best suited to video or audio.)

Try to implement emotions like happy, sad, surprise or anger into your DEMO. Don’t forget, your DEMO needs to be entertaining and relevant to the Panhandle locale.

You can collaborate with others on the development of your DEMO. In the above example, you could work with a videographer and create a mini musical. OR you could partner with an artist for a short cartoon. Submitting a DEMO as a team could work very well as long as you choose members you can depend on.

Developing a commercial application for your talent(s) is a creative process that will take an investment of time, energy, and resources on your part. But, the good news is that there are numerous ways for you to make money…


ONE DEMO submission = 5 Ways to earn with Martinsburg WV Jobs!


1) New Business Development

When you submit your DEMO, it will be permanently posted to our website and social media networks with a special tracking link.

Any business that signs up with ULiveWV as a result of your DEMO, will earn you a $75 commission! This is another reason to have a magnificent DEMO.

The better it is the more people who’ll see it. Some of those people might be business owners. There’s NO LIMIT on how much you can make. If 5 businesses sign up, you’ll earn $375, 10 businesses = $750!


2) Direct Sales of Your Service

Your DEMO will be added to the ULiveWV service portfolio. Our sales staff will present the portfolio directly to area business owners, showing them how services like yours can increase their exposure and sales.


3) UliveWV Projects

In creating new campaigns and promotions for business partners, our primary source for hiring talent will be from our DEMO portfolio. Making you among the first to be chosen for new Martinsburg WV jobs!


4) Independent Requests

Gain more independent jobs around Martinsburg WV by being seen and visible. Use our promotional services to help grow your own business clientele.


5) Freelance Partnerships

Your DEMO might spark collaborative opportunities with other talented freelancers. Work together to launch profitable campaigns, events and productions throughout the Panhandle.

After you’ve completed your job of submitting a professionally produced DEMO, the rest is up to us. You can sit back and relax while we get to work promoting and selling your services all around the Eastern Panhandle.

Imagine how convenient it would be to receive random Martinsburg WV jobs, gigs and payments as a result of your one DEMO.

You could even design additional services that you’d like to offer Martinsburg WV businesses and submit DEMO’s for them as well. The more you can offer, the more job opportunities you’ll attract.


What type of talent is needed for these Martinsburg WV Jobs?


Talent can come in all shapes, sizes, and packages. Ultimately, we’re looking for talents that can be used to produce entertaining digital media. Talents that will work in the development of videos, captivating photography, short films, graphic art, etc.

These talents can include, but are not limited to the following:

Videographers, Photographers, Actors, Performers, Graphic Designers, Musicians, Writers, Editors, Artist/Painters, Animators, Illustrators, Comedians, etc.

Whatever your talent is, you must be able to demonstrate it as an effective promotional technique that can be used by small businesses in Martinsburg WV and surrounding areas.

Your ability to plan, prepare and present a professional DEMO will determine your overall success in acquiring jobs/gigs.

If you’d like more ideas or assistance in creating your DEMO you can contact us at support@ulivewv.com

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