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How to Invest Money and Earn Daily Profit

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Invest Money And Earn Daily Profit

There have been lots of financial developments that has occurred in the past few decades. These developments have introduced new opportunities where  you can invest 1 dollar and earn daily profit.

But as financial investments have evolved, more and more individuals are taking advantage of little know opportunities where you can invest money and earn daily profit. These accounts pay from 2.5% to 4% interest daily.

Investing money to earn daily profit has its risks. Using resources that require smaller upfront cash with higher gains is an ideal strategy for success.

There may be many reasons you’d like to invest your money safely with high interest. It could be that you want to save your child’s education, build your dream retirement or looking to secure an alternative investment opportunity.

Whatever the case may be, investing is one of the sure-fire ways to mark your financial freedom even on a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, there are lots of investments opportunities that will allow you make money on a daily basis, weekly basis etc.

This article will highlight major opportunities where you can enjoy at least a 3% daily profit investment with minimal risk.

When we think of investing when it comes to earning a daily profit, traditional stocks and bonds are typically what comes to mind.

You may know someone who is a day trader, who makes their living by trading in the stock market.  This usually requires a large amount to get started and comes with significant risk of losing your entire investment.

For investors with smaller amounts of capital to invest, there are options where you can contribute a much smaller amount of money while still earning a daily profit.

Today we will look at four such options.  We will evaluate each option based on the amount of the initial investment, fees and other pricing features, investor types (individuals, businesses, etc.), and the amount of control the investor has over what their money is invested in.

Iban Wallet


Iban Wallet allows potential investors to place their money in the international credit market, where their funds are used to provide loans to borrowers who are seeking access to capital.

As borrowers repay their loans, investors earn a profit based on the interest that is paid on the balance of the loan.

In addition, Iban Wallet provides a higher estimated annual return for those who are willing to invest a larger amount for a longer time-period.

Initial Investment (5 Stars)

Iban Wallet allows investors to get started earning a daily profit with as a little as $1 for the lowers rate of return investment and not term minimum (currently 2.5%), with investment minimums increasing to $50,000 for a five-year initial investment return and the highest estimated annual return (currently 6%).

This makes it simple for anyone to get started with an investment account.

Fees and Pricing (4 Stars)

Iban Wallet does not charge any fees for their service.  There is no fee for setting up an account, managing your investments, or making contributions or withdrawing funds.  That means that you get to keep more money in your pocket and available to invest.

Investor Type (4 Stars)

Both businesses and individuals are eligible to open an account.  This provides a great option if you have a company looking for a way to invest your business profits.  It is important to note that there is currently not an option to invest retirement funds such as those held in an IRA.  Also, Iban Wallet only allows individuals to have one account in their name at a time.

Investor Control (2 Stars)

While investor funds will be used to provide capital loans to borrowers, investors do not get the opportunity to select the loans they would like to invest in.  This could be limiting for investors looking for more control.

Overall Rating:  4 Stars

Visit: Iban Wallet



Coinbase is a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to purchase, sell, and otherwise maintain the cryptocurrency assets held in their portfolios as individuals.

Businesses have the opportunity to set up their payment platform to allow for the setup of accepting cryptocurrency.

In addition, investors can earn cryptocurrency by learning about the various cryptocurrency types on the platform.

The platform includes a trading platform for beginning traders in addition to those with more experience.

The platform includes access to nearly 400 types of cryptocurrency for trade.

Initial Investment (5 Stars)

Coinbase requires a minimum $2 investment for the purchase of cryptocurrency.  The low initial investment allows for most investors to be able to easily get started.

Fees and Pricing (4 Stars)

While there are no fees charged to create an account, Coinbase does have transaction fees which are based on the amount of your investment and how the investment is funded.  The fees vary from $0.99 for transactions under $10 to 1.49% for transactions larger than $200.  The fee can be as high as 3.99% if you chose to fund your investment with a debit card.

Investor Type (4 Stars)

Currently, Coinbase allows individuals and businesses to set up an account through their platform.  There is not currently a way to set up an account such as an IRA at this time.

Investor Control (5 Stars)

For investors who are looking to invest in cryptocurrency, Coinbase allows you to choose from over 375 different investable cryptocurrencies.  The comprehensive number of options for investments makes it one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms available.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Stars

Visit: CoinBase



Etoro is a cryptocurrency trading platform which allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency assets in your portfolio.  Etoro has been around since 2007 and allows investors to trade in a number of different cryptocurrencies.

Their website includes a page where you can review current trade information for various cryptocurrencies so that you can get an idea of cryptocurrencies values prior to making a trade.  This can be helpful when you are seeking the best investment for your daily profits.

Savvy investors can also trade in more complex financial instruments such as commodities, indices, and currency.

Etoro also has an option to fund a stock trading accounts if you prefer to trade more traditional assets such as stocks and ETFs.

Initial Investment (5 Stars)

The amount required to invest with Etoro is dependent on the type of the assets being traded:

Cryptocurrencies:  $25

Commission – free stock account:  $50

Stocks and ETFs:  $50

Commodities and indices: $2,000

Currencies:  $4,000

While the cryptocurrency and stock accounts are more financially accessible for those just starting out, more complex investments will require a greater initial contribution.

Fees and Pricing (4 Stars)

Etoro does not assess any fees for opening an account.  No fees are charged for commissions on stock transactions or management fees.  There are, however, a few additional fees worth noting.

Withdrawal fee:  Etoro charges a flat fee of $5 when you are ready to withdraw funds from your account of at least $30.

Currency conversion fee:  50 pips of the transaction amount.

Inactivity fee:  If your account is inactive for longer than 12 months, you will be charged a $10 monthly fee.

For cryptocurrency, CFDs, and other investment types, you are charged a spread on each transaction.  A spread is the difference between the bid and ask price of the asset.

Investor Type (4 Stars)

Investors can contribute to both a personal and corporate trading account.  Corporate trading accounts require a higher minimum investment of $10,000.

Etoro does not currently support retirement accounts for trading.

Investor Control (5 Stars)

Etoro allows you to invest across a wide range of asset types and complexities.  There is something for every type of investor whether you are just getting started or have been investing for a long time.

Overall Rating:  4 Stars

Visit: Etoro



Topsteptrader is a slightly different variation on setting up a traditional investment account.  Rather than using your own funds to trade, you receive training from the Topsteptrader team on how to trade futures contracts.

Once you have met their qualifications, they provide you with a funded account, where you use their money for trading.  You get to keep a portion of the profit that you earn through the trading platform. (the first $5,000 in profit and then 80% of the profits earned after that).

Initial Investment (4 Stars)

Rather than contributing an amount to an account which will represent your investment, you pay a monthly fee throughout the training period which will provide you with a specified amount of capital to trade with ranging from $30,000 to $150,000 once your funded account is approved.

Fees and Pricing (4 Stars)

The Topsteptrader platform has a monthly fee ranging from $150 to $375 depending on the amount you are seeking to trade up until the point you receive a funded account.

In addition, you will be required to pay a wire fee for withdrawals less than $500.

Investor Type (4 Stars)

Currently, the platform supports individual investors only.

Investor Control (4 Stars)

Topsteptrader invests in Trading Combine products, which includes a subset of the assets listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Visit: TopStepTrader

Investing can be an excellent strategy for earning a daily profit.

Feel free to check out the options above and get started earning today.

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