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Restaurants Martinsburg WV – Hot Spots To Get Good Food

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Whether you’re a local Martinsburg WV resident or a visitor passing through, you deserve to experience some of the best food that Martinsburg restaurants have to offer.

We’ve picked 3 great restaurants for you to pop in and have a delicious meal. You can get burgers and fries anywhere, but if you want to have an experience that will make your taste buds say OMG (Oh. My. Goodness!), you’ll want to give these 3 restaurants Martinsburg WV your full consideration.


3 Hot Spots To Get Good Food – Restaurants Martinsburg WV


Ting & Ting Carry Out – Caribbean Soul Restaurant Martinsburg WV

Take a trip to Jamaica right here in Martinsburg WV! Ting & Ting is the area’s top stop for Jamaican delicacies.

As you walk through the doors you’ll be greeted by the feel and vibes of reggae music as the sweet aroma of Jamaican cooking teases your hunger.

The restaurant is clean with an immaculate presentation. If you hadn’t just walked off of King St, you would think you were on the island grabbing a quick meal after lounging on the beach all day.

Ting & Ting’s menu is easy to read and features the most popular entrees from Jamaica. Their Jerk Chicken is famous here in Martinsburg WV making it their top seller by far.

Other popular entrees include their Jerk Pork, Curry Chicken, Brown Stew Chicken, and Curry Shrimp. And if you really want a shocker you’ll want to ask to try their seasoned cabbage. If you’re not a fan of cabbage, this may make you forget why.

And if you really want a shocker you’ll want to ask to try their seasoned cabbage. If you’re not a fan of cabbage, this may make you forget why.

Their sides are just as delicious and compliment the main courses perfectly. Enjoy some seasoned fries, mac & cheese, collard greens, plantains, or sweet potatoes in addition to your entree.

If you really want a taste of Jamaica, grab one of their beef patties to bring some rhythm to your belly.

Ting & Ting is one of the best restaurants serving Jamaican Food Martinsburg WV!

Visit them between the hours of 12 pm – 8 pm at 301 W King St, Martinsburg WV. Call ahead to order your carry out: (304) 267-1484


Mrs. Dott’s Family Buffet – Southern Style (Soul Food) Cooking Martinsburg WV

This is the food your Grandma would be jealous of! Mrs. Dotts Family Buffet offers you good home cooking like you’ve never tasted before.

You’ll start to feel the down-home presence as you step up to the door. And when their friendly staff welcomes you, it’ll be as if your taking a seat right in the middle of a family gathering.

No waiting around here, you can mozy right on up and fix your plate, just like “Grandmas House”. But be warned… Your tummy may not be ready for the variety of mouthwatering choices your eyes are about to see.

Go ahead and grab that country fried chicken, make room for those glorious collard greens, put on a little (or a lot) of mac & cheese, Oops… almost forgot the black-eyed peas, it’s not a plate without some sweet corn, is that bbq ribs, cornbread… gotta have that, did they just bring out smothered pork chops, corn pudding, wait… they have seafood too, is your plate shrinking?

Don’t worry, if you run out of room on your plate, you can always get back up for more.

And the next round you’re gonna to want to satisfy your cravings for sweetness with a few delightful desserts!

Mrs. Dott’s Family Buffet in Martinsburg WV is definitely one of the restaurants that will send you home thankful that you stopped by!

Visit them between the hours of 11 am – 8 pm at 416 W King St, Martinsburg WV. Call ahead to order your carry out: (304) 260-8193


Sewell’s Ribs & Chicken – Pulled Pork, Babyback Ribs, Fish and More Martinsburg WV

Everyone knows that when you want to eat THE BEST Ribs & Chicken you have to follow the alluring smell of food cooking in a smoker.

Sewell’s Ribs & Chicken is a mobile operation located in Martinsburg WV. Lorin Sewell, owner/operator, is regularly set up to serve his finger-licking foods on North Queen St.

With his smoker fired-up and meats on the grill, he patiently waits for the right moment to serve you tender ribs, pulled pork that melts in your mouth, and flavorful smoked chicken.

Specializing in Kansas City Style dry rub ribs, Sewell’s can tame your hunger with perfectly smoked chicken, fish, and savory babyback ribs all cooked using a cherry and hickory wood mix that compliments their rubs.

That’s not all… You can round out your meal by adding your choice of baked beans, green beans, or coleslaw!

Follow Sewell’s Ribs & Chicken on their Facebook page to get updates on business hours and find out what’s cookin!

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