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Did you know that link posting is a $6.8 Billion Dollar Industry and growing!


Thousands of people are earning a very profitable income posting affiliate links online and you can too!

Have you ever taken a good look at the internet and the sites you’ve visited?

90% or more of the websites you’ll come across online contain links that, if clicked, will direct you to other products, services, and offers.

Those special links are called “referral affiliate links” and every time a visitor clicks it and then takes an action such as purchasing a product, downloading software/apps, signing up to receive more information, etc. the site owner who posted the link will earn a “referral fee”?

It’s just the same as if I were a real estate agent and I said that I would give you $100 for each person you sent to me as a referral who in turn purchased a house.

If your referral walked into my place of business (clicked the link) and decided they were ready to buy their dream home from me (purchasing referral) I would immediately send you a crisp $100 as a referral fee.



This whole process can be completed on the internet with a single trackable link.

And YES, there are thousands of companies that will throw you $100+ for assisting in the sale of their products with your online link post.

In fact, you may be surprised to know that there are many link posting sites you’re already familiar with.,, and are just a few of the many link posting sites that will offer you an opportunity to partner with them and earn a commission to post affiliate links online.

These companies will give you a unique referral affiliate link that will allow them and you to keep track of the clicks and sales you work to produce.

Also, they don’t refer to this as “Link Posting”, the industry name for this method of “referral marketing” is called Affiliate Marketing.

With the success of the internet and social media, savvy companies have found that the best way to increase their online sales is to “get the people” to promote their products with family, friends, and followers.


In fact, the industry has developed so fast that you can easily find link posting sites for just about ANY PRODUCT!


Do you enjoy arts & crafts? You can research and find affiliate links to promote creative artifacts.

How about technology? You’ll have no problem getting links to promote the latest gadgets.

Or maybe you’re crazy about animals! Start earning money and post links to your favorite pet products.

There’s no limit to the choices that are available to you online!


How Much Can You Earn To Post Affiliate Links Online?


As I mentioned before, people are earning THOUSANDS of dollars daily sharing links to promote products they support.

It must be understood, in order to earn large sums of money with affiliate link posting, you’re going to have to put in the work.

It’s NOT easy, but it isn’t difficult either.

As with anything new, you’re going to experience a short learning curve before you start raking in a steady flow of money.

Even though it may sound easy to plop links around the internet and sit back as money comes flooding in, it doesn’t quite happen like that.

Do you randomly make purchases just because you clicked a link someone posted? Of course not!

You have to learn how to place your affiliate links in front of people who are truly interested in what you have to sell.

Additionally, you’ll need to give those interested prospects “a good reason” to click and buy.

A common method to do this is to create your own blog or website where you can write short articles or reviews about the products offered by your partner link posting sites.

Another popular technique is to set up a landing page that will collect the email addresses of people interested in the products you’ve decided to sell.

As your email list grows, you can send them messages that include your referral affiliate link and direct them to the companies that will fulfill the delivery of the product.

Posting links on Facebook or Pinterest is yet another strategy that “link poster’s” use to get sales.

Approach this with caution though, Facebook is dropping the hammer on users who spam the network. So be certain that your post is genuine and offers a good solution for those who come across it.

However, many have discovered profitable ways to start earning money posting using only their Facebook accounts.

You can see that there is HUGE money to be earned with affiliate links!

If you really want to earn money link posting check out The Millionaire Society . It’s a great site to learn how to set up your own sites and build a profitable business posting and promoting your own links.

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