Best PTC Sites With High Pay Legit Money Making

Best PTC Sites With High Pay
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Would you be interested in earning $0.25 up to $1 per click with high pay PTC sites?

And what if you could earn cash without having to click ANYTHING…

Do I have your attention?

Over the past year I’ve been able to earn over $0.25 per click with a site called MaxBounty.

It’s a legit affiliate network website that offers hundreds of the best PTC sites with high pay for you to make money.

What’s great about MaxBounty is that all you have to do to start making money with their high pay ptc sites is to simply get other people to do the clicking.

In fact, if you take a look at the image below, you’ll see that I have already made $81 from just one of the sites, and it paid me and average of $0.28 per click.

Not bad for only about 60 minutes of work, huh? Now that I’ve totally automated the whole process, all I have to do is sit back and watch as my money stacks up.

This process is a whole lot more profitable than you having to sign up for random sites to click ads, watch videos,
or complete offers. And it can take less than an hour to set the whole thing up!

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you exactly what I did to build my own automated money making machine with the best high pay PTC sites. Just follow along and you too could be earning $0.25 per click with
very little work.

The Best Way To Set Up Your High Pay PTC Sites Money Making Machine

1) Sign Up As MaxBounty Affiliate –

To get access to MaxBounty’s database of PTC sites you have to sign up for free as an affiliate. This will take all but 5 minutes to do and once complete you can immediately start using their sites.

So here’s how it works… When you become a MaxBounty affiliate, you’ll get paid for sharing the various legit PTC sites they have available.

It’s best to pick just ONE campaign when you’re just starting out. Picking one makes it much easier, and faster, to setup your PTC system.

As you search through the many campaigns, be on the lookout for “per lead” CPA types. And CPA rates that range between $1.00 – $5.00 per lead. This means anytime someone you refer takes an action, you’ll be paid the corresponding CPA rate.

So for example: Say you choose a campaign with a CPA rate of $2.50 and it only pays when someone submits their
name & email address; that means all you have to do is share the link provided to begin earning. And believe me… It’s super easier to share links on social media and search engines than it is to click stuff for cash.

But if you want to build limitless automated income you’re going to need to do the next step and maximize your earnings.

2) Setup Your Own Landing Page –

This is a step that you don’t need to do unless you’re SERIOUS about building a steady income using the best ptc sites with high pay.

Setting up your own landing page will help you to fully leverage your efforts. Here how…

A) You’ll Grow A Profitable Email List –

If you don’t have a landing page, you’ll simply throw all of your hard work down the drain. Your landing page is the tool that will collect peoples names and emails so that you can follow up with them on another day.

Over 95% of the people you refer to a high pay PTC site will end up doing nothing. So if you send 100 people to one of the sites on MaxBounty with no landing page, odds are you’ll get around 5 people to take action.

That’s way too much work for a little tiny bit of cash. And frankly, I’ve got better things to do if the pay is just $5-$10.

That’s why I setup my own Getresponse landing pages and email forms so I can grow my own list. It’s a very small investment that has already paid off big time.

Getresponse helps me to automatically capture people’s names and emails before I send them to my chosen best PTC site.

The software is extremely easy to use too! Getresponse has many “done-for-you” landing page templates that you can quickly customize and have ready within minutes.

B) Following Up With Contacts –

Remember that I said over 95% of the people who visit your referred PTC site will likely do nothing? Well with a landing page setup you can now capture those people’s names and email addresses for future follow up.

Statistics show that a landing page can entice up to 30%+ of your visitors to leave their contact information.

With that in mind, if you sent 100 people to your landing page you could grab about 30 email addresses. That’s 30 people who you can follow up with by sending them emails for as long as they stay subscribed. But that’s not it…

As you send more and more people to your landing page, your list will swell up to 100’s, 1000’s, and more. Which means anytime you want to pop out another one of those high pay PTC sites to your email list, you’ll have THOUSANDS of people who are ready to take instant action.

Could you imagine getting paid $2.50 per click or action after sending a campaign to 1000 people? If just 50 took action that would be an EASY $125! And all you did was take 10 minutes to send an email.

That’s why it’s sooo important to invest in your own landing pages and email management with Getresponse.

3) Share Links, Get Referrals, Make Money –

If you’ve completed steps #1 & #2… Congratulations! At this point you’re well on your way to making great money with the best high pay ptc sites.

The truth is, most people will never even get past step #1. I hope you’re the exception to the rule.

There’s no limit on the amount of income you can make simply by doing the first two steps over and over. Making money from multiple landing pages, high pay PTC sites and rapidly growing your email list. Do this effectively and you’ll be set.

However there’s one more important task you need to do accomplish, and that’s sharing your link. In order to get people to your landing page or PTC sites, you have to post your link in highly visible places.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are a great start. I personally like writing short articles that contains the link and posting them online. You wouldn’t believe how much legit traffic an article can send to your link.

To get your earnings to skyrocket, you should take just 30 minutes a day to develop quality content. You can even use this free content generation software to accelerate the profits you can earn with this process.

If you want to learn more strategies that will speed up and increase your income, I highly suggest signing up for My Online Startup. It’s a free online business course that elaborates greatly on what I’ve covered here. Teaching profit producing strategies & techniques by a Master Affiliate.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of creating an income online using social media, online tools, and many other resources. Happy Earning!

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