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How To Earn Money From Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

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Earn Money Search Engine Optimization

If you arrived at this article from a search engine then you’ve unintentionally discovered how to earn money from optimization techniques.

I’d like you to think back and retrace your steps for just a moment. (If you found this article through social media, please follow along, you’ll benefit too.)

You may have just come from Google, Bing, Yahoo or one of the many search engines online to find this article.

And let’s say you searched keyword “earn money from search engine” or something very similar.

If you were to put that search term into Google, here’s a quick screen shot of the results you would see…

As you can see, the very article you’re reading right now is listed on the first page results. (As of 10/8/2019).

There you go! Absolute proof that what I’m about to explain to you works. And if you take action, you’ll be able to earn some pretty good money learning SEO content writing.

The Importance of Long Tail Keywords In Search Optimization

You don’t have to be a professional digital marketer to earn money from search engine optimization. I know a little, here and there, but for the most part, I just follow a simple process that has worked for me without fail.

I won’t promise that you’ll come up with a first page listing, because that depends greatly on the keyword you want to rank for and the amount of competition going after it.

To earn money using search engine optimization you need to know that you would be one out of millions of people looking to turn searches into profits.

So as you begin, understand that the competition for popular keywords such as “weight loss”, “making money”, “digital marketing”, and other short keywords is going to be fierce.

For this reason it’s much more effective if you focus your time and energy on long tail keywords that regularly have little to no competition.

For example: instead of using “weight loss”, you’ll need to be more specific as to who you’re trying to reach with your content.

Will your content be for women or men? Is there a certain age your content will best fit? How will this person lose weight?

If you take all of these questions and others into consideration you can come up with a long tail keyword that might get you on page one of results.

Something like, “natural weight loss for men over 30”.

Now that keyword will help you to rank much higher in the search engines and increase your chances of getting more people to see your content.

Let’s go ahead and did a bit deeper into how to earn money from search engine optimization.

Please understand that the following are extremely basic search engine optimization techniques to help you get started quickly.

I am not an expert, but again I have used this exact process repeatedly to earn money from search engines.

1) Discover a topic/keyword that interests you.

The first part is really up to you and your own interests.

You need to find a specific niche, industry or product that you’d like to provide content for.

I enjoy reading and learning about digital marketing, so it just made sense to write content related to this industry. Besides, I own a digital marketing agency and it’s a great way to get people to my website.

For you it may be different. You might enjoy swimming, finding treasures with your metal detector, traveling or fashion. Whatever you’re interested in, that’s a great place to begin.

No interests? If you honestly have nothing worth writing about then I would just start by finding a product you’d like to sell.  If this is you, jump ahead to step #3 to learn how to discover profitable products.

Once you know what topic you want to cover, it’s time to research a long-tail keyword that will get you found in search results.

I sometimes use competitor research to find long-tail keywords that are generating traffic for other sites.

By scanning through competitor keywords, you might discover a keyword that is driving traffic, but has very little search competition.

I think of it as mining for keywords. You’ll sift through a ton of junk, but eventually you’ll run into a gold nugget perfect for high rankings in the search engines.

The task is easy but does take some work. However, the internet is loaded with competitor analysis software that does most of the work for you.

A few of my favorite competitor research tools are:


To use the sites above, all you have to do to research a competitor is to type in their domain name. Afterwards, you’ll be given a snapshot of keywords and phrases that are driving traffic to the site.

When you stumble across a keyword that could be promising, plug it into a search engine and see where your competitor pops up.

Are they on page one? Are there other sites competing for the keyword? What is the first organic result and what does their competitive analysis read?

While going through each of your competitors, jot down every potential long-tail keyword opportunity. I’ve forgotten many keywords by trying to tuck them in my terrible memory. I’d hate to see you do the same.

Outside of competitor research, you can use a keyword tool if all you have is a general phrase to begin with.

Wordstream offers a free keyword tool to help you in developing some ideas. To try it out click here.

Keyword research is the most time consuming part if this process, but also the most important.

The keyword you end up with doesn’t have to be perfect, so don’t get caught up worrying if it’s the best or not. The primary reason for research is to have a good general direction for your content.

2) Create SEO optimized content –

Do you like videos or written content?

Being on video has never appealed to me. So I choose to earn money with written content.

Thing is… videos are growing more and more popular by the minute. I have a feeling it won’t be long before I have to set aside my camera shyness and become a master influencer.

But until then, I’ll just keep on writing.

You, on the other hand, have a choice to make…

Do you want to earn money with written content, videos or both?

Whatever you decide, the final content piece will need to be properly optimized with your newly found long-tail keyword.

You’ll want the keyword to be inserted into the title, the body, description, and any tag of your post.

If you’re writing an article, use the keyword a reasonable amount of times as you write to give it density. Be sure not to overdo it or search engines may penalize you for spamming. You want your article to read naturally and be easy for people to understand.

One tool that I’ve found very effective when the goal is to create great content fast is SEO Content Machine.

This software is a huge time saver and can help you pump out loads of content with the push of a button.

One of my favorite features of SEO Content Machine is the built-in article spinner. With it you can transform one article into multiple 100% unique articles for widespread distribution.

It has many other useful tools like automatic content creation, keyword filtering and auto-posting. And the best benefit is that you can download and try it out for free by clicking here.

The content that you create is what’s going to earn you money from search engines. And the more content you publish online, the more opportunities you have to attract visitors and convert them into sales.

With SEO Content Machine in your toolbox, you will be able to produce 10X the amount of content you could create without it.

And when I get to step #4 I’ll explain how to distribute your content to massively increase your earnings.

3) Finding a profitable affiliate product to refer –

You can’t earn money from search engines without having a valuable product to refer to your readers (or viewers).

Here’s where you’ll need to find an affiliate product(s) that’s relevant to the content created.

The product should be something that you feel your readers/viewers could genuinely benefit from and not something to just make a quick buck.

In case you’re not sure what an affiliate product is, it’s a product or service developed by a company that will pay you a sales commission for any referral that takes a predefined action.

In short, when you refer someone to another company’s product and they buy, you get paid.

For instance, Amazon has an affiliate program that’ll pay you a small percentage whenever someone you refer makes a purchase on their site.

According to the research department, by year 2020 affiliate marketing spend is projected to be at 6.8 billion dollars. You can learn even more astounding stats about affiliate marketing here.

My point… Thousands of companies use affiliate marketing as a form of “digital word of mouth” to get their products exposure in the market. And you shouldn’t have any problems
whatsoever finding the perfect product or service to refer in your content.

I am a member of multiple networks that manage affiliate products for different companies. They are free to join and offer thousands of products for just about any industry you can imagine.

Below are 3 affiliate networks that I personally use to find products. Sign up for free and start your search for a great product to refer.




4) Publish & distribute your content –

Your content is SEO ready, you have a great product(s) to refer…What now?

It’s time to publish your article online and begin earning money from search engines!

Publish On Your Blog:

If you happen to have your own blog, you’re obviously gonna want to publish your content there.

Having a blog gives you full control over your content and over time as it grows, you could build a solid income online.

My goal is to get more visibility for my business, therefore I publish most of my content right here on my blog.

Don’t have a blog, but are interested in setting one up? Here’s a Great TIP…

Join My Online Startup or Wealthy Affiliate for free and have a custom “done for you” blog built for you. The cost is cheap and affordable. It’s a real good deal for beginners!

Post Articles To Publishing Sites:

Getting a blog is the best decision to make if you’re serious about earning long-term income from search engines.

But since new blog rankings take awhile to build, using publishing sites could bring you money quicker.

Ranking your content high in the search engines might be easier when publishing on established submission websites.

Remember, your primary objective is to get your search engine optimized content to show up on the first page of results.

A brand new blog may take a very, very long time to build up rank before it’s able to beat out competitors for keywords.

On average it can take a blog 6 months to 1 year to start receiving decent listings in the top search engines, and that’s if you’ve done everything right in the world of SEO optimization.

Established publishing sites are already loved by search engines and you can “piggyback” off of their momentum to get higher, faster listings for your content.

Below are a few publishing site suggestions to get the best high-ranking results:

  • Medium – Ranks very well in search engines. Easy to use publisher.
  • LinkedIn – For business related content, it’s a must!
  • Quora – Publish answers and articles for top ranking.

Additionally, if your content caters to a specific industry, you can do research and uncover prominent sites where you can submit your article as a guest post. What I usually do to pull up sites in a certain industry is I’ll search “Guest Post (Industry Name)”. This will normally list sites that will accept your guest post and publish it on their site.

5) Repeat The Process From Step #1  –

To continue building your income and earn money from search engine you must be consistent. I try to publish, at the least, 2 articles per week on my blog.

It can take 3 to 6 months of writing & publishing to begin reaping a steady flow of traffic to your affiliate product(s). Once you can obtain a steady traffic flow, you’ll see your income from search engines grow.

Would you like free training on how to build a sustainable business online from search engines? Join My Online Startup or Wealthy Affiliate to access free video courses, resources and affiliate marketing forums.

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