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It could be possible that you were recently swarmed with one or more of any of the following financial setbacks:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • Fire closure
  • Repossession
  • Poor or No credit history
  • Charged off accounts

Having the following setbacks could be a massive challenge especially when you are in dire need of an automobile. At a point like this where your FICO scores are not creditworthy or attractive to the Auto dealers.

Well, the good news is that your situation is not beyond salvaging. The realization that auto dealers’ salesmen are sometimes under a form of pressure to sell at all cost which is responsible for the low level of ethical sales in the industry. There are therefore far too many stores that will do whatever it takes to get you to sign that contract even if it means crushing debt.

Although auto lenders are facing intense regulatory scrutiny over the past years which is to checkmate the way the auto dealers industry is consistently hemorrhaging debts which is without adverse effect on the economy as it may be indirectly running lives as well as repeating the mistakes of the housing crisis.

A recent report according to Experian automotive which tracks car loans across the United States that Americans owe more than $1 billion in car loans and are still borrowing reared-setting amounts to buy a car.

As regards getting a car dealership that gives bad credit, according to a recent post by auto loans, the following online platforms were to credit with offering the best services for auto loans with bad credit:

  • My Auto loan
  • Auto Credit Express
  • Capital One
  • Carvana
  • Road loans
  • Blue sky Auto Finance

Visiting any of the above online platforms would put you in the loop with an array of services they offer for your various needs.

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