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Starting a blog is an excellent way to make money in your spare time. If you have a knack for writing or videography then setting up a local niche blog may be a job worth pursuing.

Now, you may be thinking… “Blogs are a dime, a dozen”. You’re right! Every second someone, somewhere in the world is creating a new blog; so why would the world need another one?

Well… the world doesn’t. But the Martinsburg community does.

Local niche blogging is a wide open market filled with all sorts of delightful opportunities for the ambitious writer.

As people change how they consume news, media, and entertainment, variety has become increasingly important. Residents of local communities have very little options when it comes to quality local information.

By starting a local niche blog for the residents of Martinsburg, you could deliver relevant content on a topic that’s currently being underreported, yet highly desired.

For instance, say you’re an advocate of living a healthy & fit lifestyle. You could start a niche blog that will keep health enthusiasts up-to-date with tips, events, people and places that are representative of the local community.

You might even dig a little deeper within the industry and focus solely on women’s or men’s health. The idea is to choose a niche market that’s small enough for you to adequately serve it, yet large enough to establish and maintain an attentive audience.

If you select a niche market that is entirely too small, it will be very complicated to build a following. But a niche that’s too broad may come across as uninteresting and fail to strike a cord with a unique demographic of followers.

In a small community like Martinsburg, you won’t need to dig too deep. Using the health example above, there currently are no online sources of information for fitness & health in the area. The less competition there is, the more expansive your niche topic can be. As long as it’s not boring.

There are HUNDREDS of potential topics you could explore by starting a local niche blog; Automotive, Hunting & Guns, Food, Entertainment, Christain, Pets, Gardening, Landscaping, Children’s Activities, Etc…

Ideally, you want a topic that truly interests you and will engage other local residents as well.

Here’s where it gets FUN & Profitable!

Now that you have the idea of starting a local niche blog, let’s get to the exciting part…

Once you get your new blog up and running, we want to become your partner by adding your blog to our distribution network.

It’ll be our job to help you promote and profit with your blog. Here’s how:

  • Attract advertisers – Make money with your blog as we acquire local advertisers who’ll pay you to promote their businesses.
  • Get traffic – We’ll promote your blog together to boost followers.
  • Unique Content Creation – Work with our growing network of freelancers & business partners to create CAPTIVATING local content.
  • Training & Support – Get exclusive ideas, resources, and information to build your local niche blog into a source of stable income.
  • Exclusivity – Your blog will be the ONLY ONE in your chosen niche industry that we partner with. NO COMPETITION! (First come, first served!)

We’ve got your back! Your job will be to get your local niche blog up and running. Afterward, we’ll be committed in every way to assisting you in making it a success.

Starting your own blog can be a rewarding experience. It will take hard work and a little time before you begin to make money, but hopefully, by working together we’ll be able to expedite the process.

Interested individuals should be comfortable using digital internet technologies, social media, and WordPress.

We are looking to partner with entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are seeking a “job-free” lifestyle. Starting your own blog requires an investment of time, resources, and effort. It’s a business that you can work from home in your own office. Serious inquiries ONLY.

If you’d like to learn more about starting a job with your own local niche blog in Martinsburg WV, please contact us: support@ulivewv.com

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