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You must admit, technology is rapidly enhancing the methods in which to get new leads, sales, and customers.

But how can you use these advancements to increase the profits to your local small business?

Local affiliate marketing is a strategy that will allow your business to dramatically expand its reach with very little work on your part.


Wouldn’t you like to have the news of your Martinsburg WV business represented on multiple media platforms, while only paying for actual leads or sales?


Without any knowledge of social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing, google AdWords, banner advertising, digital marketing, referral marketing, email marketing, direct mail or just about any other advertising method you could imagine; you can have your business’s news prominently promoted by a team of marketing consultants, eager to sell your businesses services.


So what exactly is local affiliate marketing AND why are so many billion dollar companies actively incorporating it into their marketing strategy?


Affiliate marketing is a digital advertising method where businesses set up special online campaigns that include a sales landing page designed to capture leads or process sales.

Businesses then recruit the help of experienced marketers to promote their online campaign for a commission or fee.


5 Reasons You Need To Set Up A Local Affiliate
Marketing Campaign For Your Martinsburg WV Business:


  • FREE Team of EAGER Marketers

    Affiliate marketing will give your business an instant team of promotional specialists. By setting up a custom campaign for your business, you can open the door for affiliate partners to promote it for you.

    These affiliate partners are as different as the many options there are to advertise your business. Each affiliate is specialized in a particular method of marketing.

    With your campaign up and ready to go, their job will be to use their specialty to effectively send leads and sales to your campaign. In a local market, this team could be made up of your current customers, followers, and friends.

    Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social marketing platforms, this army of marketers will work to spread the news of your special campaigns, boosting your business.

  • Higher Conversions. More Sales

    Setting up a local affiliate marketing campaign allows you to focus on a single selling objective. You’ll be able to test, tweak and adjust your campaign to increase your conversion rate.

    There’s no “guesswork” on whether your marketing is working or not. With detail analytics & reporting, everything is transparent and precise.

  • Larger Return on Investment (ROI)

    Once your campaign has been set up, you can choose to only pay for very specific types of actions. The “action” could be a lead, sale or traffic to your website.

    However you decide to set it up, you’ll only pay affiliates for actually delivering your set “action” to your campaigns sales landing page.

  • Reach Penetration

    Many affiliates will promote your campaign by referring it to their own personal social networks and email lists.

    This personal introduction, especially locally, will give your business more reach and credibility than you could ever get with traditional marketing methods.Imagine a customer posting a wonderful recommendation of your business on Facebook telling their family and friends to give you a try.

    And then supplying a trackable link that directs anyone interested to your sales landing page. How about that for “word of mouth” advertising?

  • List Building / Database Development

    The foundation to ANY business is its list. Knowing who your customers are will allow you to keep in touch, increase your repeat sales and provide special offers.

    Businesses that fail to build and maintain a list of customers… FAIL. Affiliate marketing campaigns automatically collect lead information for future follow up.


Local affiliate marketing is not just one of the best ways to market your business, it is the smartest.

What other ways will allow you to hire multiple people, at no cost, who are eager to sell your products and only pay them when they generate a response?

ULiveUSA can design a custom local affiliate marketing campaign for your business that will help you generate a flood of leads and boost sales.

We are developing a network of freelance workers and affiliate marketers right here in Martinsburg WV and the surrounding cities of the Eastern Panhandle.

Their job will be to promote your campaign using various methods of marketing techniques including video marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, referral marketing, entertainment marketing, internet marketing, google AdWords, social marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…) and more.

Let us help you take your spread the news! Contact us today: support@ulivewv.com

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