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Best Small Business CRM With Email Autoresponders

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Small Business CRM With Email Autoresponders

Achieving sales goals in your small business is a direct result of how well you can establish trusting relationships with your current and potential customers.

As much as we would love our prospects to buy right now, most will need nurturing and persistent follow up for us to eventually convert them into sales.

That’s why when we take on the “long game” of sales, we understand the value of using customer relationship management (CRM) software to provide a seamless solution for guiding prospects through your sales process.

And one of the most advantageous features of having the best small business CRM packages, is the ability to send automated messages with email autoresponders.

Email automation enables you to setup pre-written email marketing messages that can be sent to a specific recipient at the most appropriate time.

Traditionally email autoresponders where linear in their operation, and could only be sent in a set sequence
from the day a new contact was added. First you’d get the welcome email, the next day you received the second
email and so on….

Now with good small business crm software, you can make your autoresponder messages more “behavioral-based”. You can set your emails to be triggered based on the actions of your prospects.

For instance, let’s say you just added a new prospect to your email contact list. The first email your prospect
receives is the normal welcome email, but within the message is an offer for them to download a free report.

You’ve learned that prospects who get immediate follow up after downloading the free report are 3X more likely to
purchase your service. So you set up another email message to be sent after the free report has been downloaded to
see if they have any lingering questions.

Now anytime someone downloads your free report, they will get instant follow up based on their action.

That is an example of email automation workflow and how it can be used to increase engagement with your customers.

What’s The BEST Small Business CRM With Email Autoresponders?

First let me say, I am not a techy type of person at all! Anything I do online must be extremely user friendly or
I’ll lose interest in the blink of an eye.

My point… If it’s not super easy to use, I’M OUT! And my restrictions on small business crm software are even tighter.

That’s why I was so excited to come across Agile CRM, an all-in-one customer relationship management program with email automation tools that are second to none.

Agile CRM offers all you need to accurately manage your contacts and track them throughout the entire sales process. You and your sales team can use Agile CRM’s innovative software to learn about your prospects interests, behaviors and interactions with your brand.

After signing up for Agile CRM, I was very pleased at how simple it was to quickly get things up and going within just
minutes. In less than 15 minutes I setup my first email message and tested it. It worked great!

Signing up for Agile CRM is completely free for up to 10 users, which means you can try out their software with zero risk.

Why Agile’s Autoresponders Are The Best CRM And Email Marketing For Small Business

With Agile CRM’s autoresponder system you can create standard automated emails or behavioral emails that trigger as your contacts engage. Making each contact’s experience unique and raising the probability of closing a sale.

Additionally Agile CRM has incorporated many excellent email marketing tools to amplify your marketing.

1) Sharing On Social Media –

Easily integrate social sharing buttons in your emails to let recipients share them with their personal networks.

2) Building Your Email List –

You can import contact lists into the system for email distribution. But it doesn’t stop there, Agile CRM provides you with web forms, landing pages and third-party integrations. This way you can effortlessly capture new leads to plug into your email autoresponders.

3) Drag-and-Drop Email Builder –

With a variety of email templates available, you can pull in images, videos and other content elements to make your emails pop.

4) Email A/B Testing –

Want to optimize your open and click rates? Use Agile CRM’s A/B testing feature to learn which email delivers the best returns. This alone makes Agile the best small business crm with autoresponders on the market.

5) Tracking and Metrics –

Clearly see what’s working and what’s not with in-depth analytic tracking. Get metrics on who’s opening your emails, how many people are clicking your links, even get insight on social reach (likes, comments & shares).

6) Email Lead Scoring –

What if you could identify contacts who have the most interest in your services? Lead scoring allows you to assign scores to leads who take specific actions like opening or clicking a link within your emails. The higher the score, the better quality the prospect. Focus your time and energy on contacts who are closest to YES!

This is just a brief overview of what Agile CRM’s small business crm with autoresponders has to offer and I didn’t
even skim the surface.

I highly recommend you sign up for a free account and give Agile CRM a test-drive for yourself.

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