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Social Media Marketing – Digital Internet Jobs for Martinsburg WV

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How would you like a job as a Freelance Media Specialist that will allow you to use your social media skills to promote small businesses in Martinsburg, Charles Town, Berkeley Springs and other surrounding cities of the Eastern Panhandle?

ULiveWV, a community media development program, helps small businesses attract more customers by creating digital marketing campaigns that entertain and capture the attention of local residents.

When you become a Freelance Media Specialist with our promotional team, your job will be to use social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other popular platforms to spread the word about newly launched campaigns.

You can also implement content marketing strategies by distributing written or video reviews/articles about your own experiences with local companies over the internet.

Overall, your job will be to create unique content that leads prospective customers to take action on the offers presented by business partners.

Working as a freelancer is the first step towards gaining independent financial freedom and establishing your own foundation of business services. By joining the ULiveWV freelance network, you’ll be given the support you need to attract new tasks, jobs, and gigs allowing you to sustain a steady flow of work.

This social media marketing – digital internet job can be performed in your own home office. You will work virtually by using the internet as your main source of communication, training, and resources.


Compensation will vary for each campaign. Most campaigns will be straight commission and performance based. As an independent freelancer, you’ll be paid per task, job or gig. Bonus income opportunities will be available to top performers. All payments made through PayPal.


Freelance Media Specialists should be confident using the internet and social media. Having your own website/blog and email marketing system will help increase your earning ability. This job is ideal for self-starting, entrepreneurial-minded individuals… freelancers.


We’ll show you step by step how to use the internet to become a true Professional Freelance Media Specialist. You’ll have the tools needed to take this job and turn it into a small business that you can easily work from home.

Advancement Opportunities:

This job can open doors enabling you to offer many other additional digital marketing services. As the needs of each business client grow, so will your opportunity to serve that need. Top performers can work to become account managers and build a client base. Join our digital marketing team and be first to learn of new earning opportunities!

Areas Available:

The Freelance Media Specialist position is available for residents in Martinsburg WV, Charles Town WV, Berkeley Springs WV and other cities of the Eastern Panhandle. (25401,25403,25404,25405)

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