Landing Page Views Vs Link Clicks and Conversions

If you are running an online business, you might have several questions in your mind.

One of the most puzzling issue for many is to track the traffic on their website and get insights about conversion rates.

When you are running a brand promotion campaign online, you may need a reliable solution for tracking performance.

It is not enough to count the clicks; rather, you need to track the visitors landing on your website. Moreover, the most important aspect is how many of them are following the call to action.

Here comes the need of tracking landing page views vs link clicks and also conversions. This information may help you plan your future branding campaigns more carefully.

Moreover, business owners will find it easier to make informed decisions for grabbing the audience’s attention.

Those who are new to the concept of online branding and marketing campaigns might be interested in getting more information about landing page views vs link clicks and conversions.

Well, the article below may improve your knowledge base while providing you with a clear idea on which tools can help you to track these metrics.

Landing Page Views:

The landing page-as the name indicates is a page that drives visitors towards the web page. The landing pages create a funnel for the visitors from the link that can be within a social media post, email, or direct mail.

Landing pages are capable enough to generate leads for the business by serving specific interests of the users.

A landing page view is defined as the landing of a person on the destination URL of your landing page after clicking a link on the ad. Landing pages views work as an effective marketing and lead generation tool; hence, they must be tracked in routine.

The landing page views promote specific actions, specifically diverting the audience towards a specific page on the business website.

Tracking landing page views can offer you several benefits; few of them are listed below:

  • Landing pages extent support to your unique business goals by reaching out to the niche market. They help to promote new service or products, get new customers and ensure more sales.
  • Landing pages can motivate people to subscribe to your newsletter, share contact details, request a consultation or make a purchase. Monitoring views on these pages can help you understand your brand credibility in the market. 
  • Landing pages influence visitors’ decisions and set up an influencing experience for the visitors on your business platform.
  • Landing page views provide clear insights about user actions, specific campaigns and satisfaction levels of customers.
  • Tracking landing page views may help you to ensure success for paid search campaigns.

Tracking your link clicks and conversions can help you know whether your current efforts to promote business are bringing you desired results or not.

The insights obtained from the conversion data can assist you in fine-tuning your brand promotion campaigns so that you can get more customers.

Now, you might be a little confused about how a click on the link may not convert to a landing page view.

Well, it may happen when a person accidentally clicks on the link and presses the back button before the page loads. Or when the landing page takes too long to load, and the person closes it soon.

Link clicks and conversions give you a better idea of how well people are engaging with your ad campaigns. The best use of this metric for a brand promotion campaign is to test the effectiveness of your ad content.

  • It helps to make data-driven decisions while providing solid proof regarding the performance of your advertising campaigns.
  • Link clicks help to identify top-performing keywords so that you can use them creatively in future campaigns.
  • The poorly performance ad links may guide you better to improve your brand promotion campaigns and the website as well.

Now you have gone through the detailed difference between landing page views vs link clicks and conversions.

At this stage, many of you might be interested in finding a reliable tool to track these metrics. Well, experts advise using ClickMagick and GetResponse for this purpose.

Best brand promotion metric tracking software tools for your business:

GetResponse is an extensive marketing software solution that can help you to boost traffic on your website in very little time.

It comes with integrated autoresponders, an email marketing solution and a landing page builder that can ease the process in designing interactive marketing campaigns. With this tool, you can track conversions, ROI and leads with ease.

On the other side, ClickMagick is one of the most trustworthy link trackers that can be used by beginners and experienced marketing professionals to elaborate sales funnel.

It is a modern tracking solution that comes with several interesting features, such as cross-device tracking. By keeping adequate track of your link clicks, you can easily reduce a wasted ad spend.

You will be happy to hear that ClickMagick provides real-time stats and reports. It can provide exact numbers for ad spend, conversion rates, ROI, profit and performance of your ad campaigns.

Here we have listed a few details on how this modern tracking solution can help you build credibility in the market:

  • ClickMagick offers cross-device tracking so that you can optimize your branding campaigns for enhanced returns.
  • It is possible to track your phone sales leading the higher revenue.
  • This automated software program works with bots that can help you ensure a higher satisfaction level for the visitors.
  • Intelligent and automated split testing can help you make informed decisions.
  • Real-time stats and reports to optimize your ad spent.
  • ClickMagick also offers a creative affiliate marketing tool to help you control the sales process.

If you are interested in boosting awareness about your brand in the target market, it is the right time to use the most trusted metric tracking tool.

Look for the best subscription options for GetResponse and ClickMagick to track landing page views vs conversions. Soon you will be able to prove your edge in the competitive market.

Landing Page Views Vs Link Clicks and Conversions
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