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Best Link Tracker Software for Affiliate Marketers

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The business industry has moved mainly online. As buyers prefer to make their purchase decisions online, marketing professionals keep on making their best efforts to capture attention.

Affiliate marketers who understand the importance of converting sales also know how to utilize the best link tracker software in order to lead campaigns on social media channels.

If you are into the affiliate marketing business, tracking metrics is quite essential for growth in the market.

The data gathered from the market and loads of statistics; everything is important for affiliates and advertisers. There is no doubt to say that affiliate marketing has become the key strategy to drive sales and traffic online.

The affiliate marketing industry is now adapting to innovative strategies and tracking technologies. These advanced practices can help them better to improve performance in the competitive market. One of the biggest benefits of affiliate marketing programs is that it requires the least investment from your side.

You can make huge profits with time if you follow the right niche promotion strategies.

Why you need a link tracking software?

Tracking is an integral part of an affiliate marketing business. Tracking allows affiliates and brands to gain essential market insights from online activities that help to produce a higher volume of clicks, conversions, and visitors.

The link tracking software provides clear insights into whether the campaign is working well or not. The great news is that market is loaded with many advanced link tracking software.

However, business professionals need to be a little careful about which one to choose.

Experts advise using link tracking software for leading affiliate marketing business. Below we have listed a few points describing the importance of using the best link tracker software:

Product promotion:

The advanced software tools are convenient and simple to use. You have to feed the affiliate program once into the software tool. After getting all insights, the software automatically works 24×7 hours to boost returns for your business. The best software can help you to promote services and products in a variety of ways.

Detailed insights:

The affiliate software not just helps you to manage your business; rather, at the same time, it brings insights about activities performed by your affiliates.

The software tool can help you achieve detailed information about sales and registration. The best link tracker ensures that all the marketing and promotion related jobs are done very well.

Measure click-through rates:

The link tracker software makes it easier to analyze how many visitors clicked on your banner ad or link. The software may also guide you better count visitors on the product page of the advertisers.

When you can clear insights about the total number of impressions on every link, it gets easier to lead a flawless affiliate marketing strategy.

Increase conversions:

The prime goal of the affiliate marketing business is to boost conversion rates. It is one of the most valuable tracking metrics, and the link tracking software makes it easier to analyze.

Conversion occurs when visitors on the website perform the desired action; it can be signing up for emails, buying a product, or filling a form. A higher conversion rate gives affiliates more opportunities to make profits.

Track sales:

Link tracking software is also useful to track sales. These advanced software tools keep analyzing all the visitor activities on your website. They learn buyer’s behavior and provide insights about when a sale is executed. With the best software, affiliate marketers may find it easier to boost their returns online.

Best Link Tracker Software for Affiliate Marketers:

We have gone through the importance of using link tracker software for affiliate marketing business.

Now, the biggest challenge in front of beginners must be to choose the best link tracker software. Well, experts recommend ClickMagick as the best solution for affiliate link tracking.  

It is especially important for those who are working hard to buy or sell traffic. This tool not just tracks the conversion rate and visits on your platform; rather, at the same time, it controls the flow of traffic by blocking false clicks.

It is possible to maintain the desired quality for your affiliate marketing business by setting up specific daily limit and geographics.

Other than this, ClickMagick also provides few additional tools, including a banner bar and pop up window to invite users. ClickMagick has currently strengthened the anti-spam policy; it helps to prohibit users from falling for some spamming techniques.

Hence, you can make sure that all the traffic on your platform is diverted from legitimate sources.

  • User-friendly interface:

The first most amazing feature of ClickMagick is that it offers 30 days of free trial so that beginners can go through its dashboard. The free version also gives easy access to sales up-sells, opt-in, and conversions.

  • Measure the source of traffic:

This tool can help you get detailed insights into the quality of traffic. It calculates the traffic score while giving you a better idea of which sources are bringing you the most valuable visitors. This feature is more useful when you are using paid ads for advertising.

  • Re-targeting:

Another amazing feature of ClickMagic is that it can boost the overall conversion rate on your website by targeting pixel code. This feature can be further used to boost sales and increase exposure towards your offers.

  • Notifications to inbox:

Here is another incredible feature that is missing in other link tracking software. It provides direct insights into your business into your inbox. You can enable the notification option from software, and it will notify you from time to time regarding how your business is performing in the market.

Key Takeaway:

When you are looking for a trustworthy link tracking software for your affiliate marketing business, we advise you to go ahead with ClickMagick.

It offers an incredible range of features including filtered automated clicks, automatic split tester, speed, high uptime monitoring, magick bar, rotator, ability to create pop-ups, countdown timer, re-targeting, ability to measure traffic quality score, and many more.

With these advanced features, you can ensure incredible performance in the market.

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