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How To Advertise Local Business Using Live And Digital Event Marketing

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Local business advertising has advanced rapidly over the course of the last 10 to 20 years.

With the internet and social media rushing to take center stage, it’s getting easier and easier to forget one of the most effective methods to advertise local business… Event Marketing.

Event marketing can be an important asset for local business owners. Especially for those knowing how to advertise local business by incorporating both live & digital experiences within their events.

Live events are used to present a product or service directly and in person. They can be used to educate potential prospects about the benefits of your offering. Most customers prefer to see, touch and feel the features of a product live and learn how it operates.

This provides the customers with the knowledge they need to decide whether they really want to purchase or not. This also increases their belief in the durability and efficiency of the product.

The business world today is more competitive than ever. The small business owner today must compete with other local businesses, massive corporations and thousands of businesses on the internet.

This means that local business owners must advertise on a different level. It’s now vital that they build strong relationships with the consumers in their area.

Event marketing is local business advertising that can help in getting more loyal customers. Event marketing can be executed using many techniques and among these techniques are live and digital.

Live and digital events are the most effective and efficient advertising techniques for promoting a product/service.


Live events can include meetings, shows, party’s, demonstrations and concerts to mention but a few. Advertising your business with a live event will give your guests a “hands-on” experience with your company.

And when you combine that with a great feel-good experience, it can make a lasting impression which builds long-term customers.

You don’t even have to do a lot of selling at the event for it to bring results. Your main goal is to simply get your attendees to like and trust your company. If you can do that, then when they’re in the market for your product, you can bet they’ll come to you.



Digital event marketing can aid dramatically towards boosting a live event or it can stand on its own. Digital events include online events like webinars, videos, online courses, or digital products (eBooks).

Digital event marketing helps to preserve the information about the product’s features allowing the advertisement to be available for a long period of time. This enables your prospective customers to purchase your products now or in the future.

Digital events also give local businesses the ability to grow a list of highly qualified customers. Business owners can easily capture important contact information that can be used for follow-up and relationship nurturing.

Most owners are aware of how to advertise local business using traditional media like billboards, radio, direct mail, TV, etc… But many are in the dark on all the many advantages of utilizing live & digital event marketing to promote their products.

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