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Five Super Reasons You Should Include Videos In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Video marketing is the way to the future, and many businesses are gaining success by using videos in their marketing. Here 5 solid reasons why you must add videos to your marketing strategy.


  • Videos bring higher engagement rates

In the present age when people are always on the move, traditional text-based advertising is becoming obsolete. Newspaper and magazine advertisements vanished a long time ago, but now people are also losing interest in text-based social media posts.

Reading a whole advertisement campaign can be time consuming and boring. The use of videos can make it easy to explain complicated aspects of your product in a limited time without boring people. Moreover, according to studies, the human brain responds to visual content such as videos 60000 times faster than text.


  • Videos get better ranks in search engines

If keyword targeting is a part of your marketing strategy, you may have noticed that it is way easier to get a video ranked in Google as compared to a webpage or a blog. Try to give your videos titles that include relevant keywords. Doing so will ensure that your videos are optimized for organic search.

Consider a person searches for a product and finds a text description of it and a video description. He is undoubtedly going to click on the video. The increased interest of users in video content is the reason videos gain higher search engine ranks easily. According to statistics websites that have video content on their home pages are 53 percent more likely to show up in Google search. So, go ahead and create a fantastic marketing video to add to your website.


  • Video is a mobile-friendly medium

The use of mobile devices over desktop devices is increasing rapidly. In fact, according to Google more than 60 percent of their search requests are received from mobile devices. We all know how difficult it can be to read text on our mobile screens, but a video is a format that is easily accessed by all mobile users.

The use of videos makes your advertisement mobile compatible which is a must in the present day and age.  According to a survey since 2013, the mobile usage has increased by more than 233 percent. According to YouTube, the mobile views of videos increase are almost 100% every year.


  • Videos can explain everything

A problem that many businesses face is that people don’t understand the properties of their products or services. This is a major problem, especially for tech companies. In a survey on marketing trends, 93 % of users said that they watch explainer videos. Videos can also be used to give a presentation to the customers. So, create creative and innovative videos to explain difficult concepts and upload them to your websites. Providing users with explainer videos will help them in making a purchase.


  • Videos can go viral

Videos are going viral left and right. We have seen the views of videos boost up in hours. This type of exposure is impossible to get from ordinary text-based advertising. Also, social media websites are encouraging video content.

Many features have been introduced on different social media platforms that promote videos. For example, Facebook has added stories and 360 videos to the platform and has launched Lifestage which is a video-centric app for teenagers. Instagram has also started stories and has introduced 60-second videos. Twitter has periscope for live videos.

All these features were introduced over the last year which shows how much video is popular on social media. However, you should know that videos based on just facts and numbers can’t go viral. For your videos to gain popularity overnight, they will have to be creative and unique, and they will have to be very entertaining. Making a comedic video is the best way to go viral.

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