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West Virginia County Map And Population of WV Counties

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West Virginia

For those curious about West Virginia’s diverse landscape, a county map can be an invaluable tool.

This article delves into West Virginia’s rich tapestry, featuring a comprehensive county map.

If you’re on the search for “county map West Virginia” or “WV map with counties,” this will guide you through an exploration of West Virginia’s counties.

County Map West Virginia

A Glimpse of County History:

While each West Virginia county is unique, some stand out historically. Here are a few counties that could be considered the most historical and why:

  • Berkeley County: Founded in 1772, it’s one of West Virginia’s oldest counties located in the Eastern Panhandle. During the Civil War, it played a significant role and is home to the iconic Belle Boyd House.
  • Jefferson County: Established in 1801, it’s a cradle of American history. Harpers Ferry, a vital site during the Civil War, is located here.
  • Hampshire County: Formed in 1754, it’s one of the state’s oldest. The county played a part in the French and Indian War and the Civil War.
  • Pocahontas County: Known for stunning natural beauty and history, it was founded in 1821. Cass Scenic Railroad State Park is a historical gem.
  • Kanawha County: Named after the Kanawha River, it’s one of the most populous and plays a crucial role in the state’s politics and economy.

Population Rankings:

To better understand West Virginia’s demographics, let’s take a look at the counties in order of their population:

  1. Kanawha County – 175,515
  2. Berkeley County – 129,490
  3. Monongalia County – 106,869
  4. Cabell County – 92,730
  5. Wood County – 83,340
  6. Raleigh County – 72,882
  7. Harrison County – 64,915
  8. Jefferson County – 58,979
  9. Mercer County – 58,700
  10. Putnam County – 57,015
  11. Marion County – 55,952
  12. Ohio County – 41,447
  13. Fayette County – 39,487
  14. Wayne County – 37,998
  15. Preston County – 34,172
  16. Greenbrier County – 32,435
  17. Logan County – 31,316
  18. Marshall County – 29,752
  19. Hancock County – 28,172
  20. Jackson County – 27,716
  21. Randolph County – 27,600
  22. Mineral County – 26,855
  23. Mason County – 25,000
  24. Nicholas County – 24,335
  25. Upshur County – 23,712
  26. Hampshire County – 23,468
  27. Mingo County – 22,573
  28. Brooke County – 21,733
  29. Boone County – 20,968
  30. Wyoming County – 20,527
  31. Lincoln County – 19,901
  32. McDowell County – 17,850
  33. Morgan County – 17,430
  34. Lewis County – 16,767
  35. Taylor County – 16,342
  36. Barbour County – 15,414
  37. Hardy County – 14,192
  38. Wetzel County – 14,025
  39. Roane County – 13,834
  40. Monroe County – 12,296
  41. Braxton County – 12,185
  42. Summers County – 11,762
  43. Grant County – 10,968
  44. Ritchie County – 8,207
  45. Tyler County – 8,183
  46. Webster County – 8,167
  47. Pocahontas County – 7,819
  48. Clay County – 7,814
  49. Doddridge County – 7,698
  50. Pleasants County – 7,586
  51. Gilmer County – 7,325
  52. Tucker County – 6,568
  53. Calhoun County – 6,068
  54. Pendleton County – 6,011
  55. Wirt County – 5

Top Counties to Visit In West Virginia

West Virginia is a state brimming with captivating destinations, from the serene landscapes of Blackwater Falls State Park to the mystical allure of Point Pleasant’s Mothman Museum.

Here’s a brief overview of some must-visit places across the state, along with their respective counties:

  1. Blackwater Falls State Park (Tucker County): Nestled in Tucker County, Blackwater Falls State Park is renowned for its picturesque waterfalls, lush forests, and outdoor recreational activities, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.
  2. New River Gorge National Park (Fayette County): Designated as a national park, the New River Gorge offers awe-inspiring vistas, thrilling adventures, and countless opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, and white-water rafting.
  3. Martinsburg (Berkeley County): Located in Berkeley County, Martinsburg is a charming city steeped in history. Visitors can explore its quaint streets, museums, and historical sites that reflect the rich heritage of West Virginia.
  4. Snowshoe Mountain Resort (Pocahontas County): Set in Pocahontas County, Snowshoe Mountain Resort is a premier destination for winter sports enthusiasts. It boasts world-class skiing and snowboarding facilities, offering a perfect mountain getaway.
  5. Greenbrier Golf Resort (Greenbrier County): Greenbrier County is home to the prestigious Greenbrier Golf Resort, a luxurious retreat featuring championship golf courses, a lavish spa, and elegant accommodations surrounded by the Allegheny Mountains.
  6. Whitewater Rafting – River Riders (Jefferson County): For an exhilarating white-water rafting experience, Jefferson County’s River Riders is the place to be. This adventure hub offers thrilling water-based activities in a beautiful natural setting.
  7. Point Pleasant – Mothman Museum (Mason County): Mason County is home to the enigmatic Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant. It delves into the legends and mysteries surrounding the Mothman, making it an intriguing destination for those interested in the paranormal.
  8. Stonewall Resort (Lewis County): Located along the shores of Stonewall Jackson Lake in Lewis County, Stonewall Resort offers a peaceful escape with boating, golfing, and a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation.

These distinct destinations in West Virginia invite visitors to explore a wide range of experiences, from natural wonders and outdoor adventures to history, culture, and even a touch of the mysterious.

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, history buff, or simply looking for a peaceful retreat, West Virginia has something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

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