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Fun Ways To Invest Money Besides Stocks And Real Estate

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Ways to Invest Money Besides Stock and Real Estate

Stocks and real estate are the most recognized options available for investing your money.

The financial leverage that these methods of investment can offer is a proven path to dependable wealth building.

But what options are available for investing your money if you’re a more adventurous type of investor?

A better question, what ways can you invest your money while having a bit of fun at the same time?

Well, keep reading because you’re in for a real treat. I am going to reveal an uncommon method of investing that many are completely unaware of.

This overlooked method has the potential of delivering massive returns on the money you invest.

What is it, you ask?… Events!

That’s right! Fun community events can be very profitable investments when executed with the same cleverness as any other business venture.

If you think about it, events are just small business projects with a deadline. By the end of your event, you’ll either have a profit or a loss, just like any other investment.

And unlike other methods of investment, you can actually have fun throughout the entire experience as you grow your wealth!

What if you’re not an event planner?

You might be thinking, “Events take a lot of work that I don’t want to know how to do.”

No problem, hire a good full-service event marketing service that can take care of all the work for you.

Let them do the planning, promotion, and perform while you provide the funds.

In fact, what you’re REALLY investing in is an event marketing service that can take your idea and convert it into a nice profit.

Your event marketing service will work as your “financial advisor” and can identify multiple revenue streams within your event.

They’ll be able to provide you with a detailed report projecting the expenses and income of the event.

Maybe you don’t have a clue as to what type of event to throw. That again is a task that your event marketing service can do for you.

They’ll do the research and suggest fun community events that will be well received by your target market.

How Much Money Can You Make When You Invest In Events?

Investing, in general, can lead to profits or loss. This also applies to community events.

But events have a failsafe that can reduce the risk of it becoming a flop and that is pre-marketing.

Your event idea can be pre-marketed to an audience long before its launch date. As a matter of fact, you can collect money from attendees before preparations even begin.

Pre-marketing an event will build up excitement and encourage people who might be interested to make a commitment to attend.

With an effective promotional strategy, your event could more than double the money you invest into its production.

Calculating the profitability of events is fairly straightforward, in order to make a profit you’ll know how many “tickets” will need to be sold at a specific price point.

The only real risk is not selling enough tickets to cover your expenses and this can be avoided with a well-planned pre-marketing strategy.


More Reasons Why Hosting An Event Is One Of The Top Fun Ways To Invest Money!


  • It’s YOUR Creation!

    – Yeah, your event idea should cater to the market you’re hosting it in, but overall the event is your baby.You have the freedom to design an event that you will enjoy attending yourself. How fun would it be to make money while immersing yourself into the excitement all at once?

  • An Investment In Community

    – You’re not just investing to make money, you’re also investing in a local community.Events are the “lifeblood” that unites people of communities. They give residents a great reason to come together for socialization with their neighbors, friends, family and meeting new people.

  • Multiple Income Streams

    – Depending on your event you might be able to access many areas of revenue.First and foremost, if your event turns out to be a success there’s nothing stopping you from planning to do it again in the future.

    Next, organizing events will allow you to build one of the greatest assets in business… a customer list.

    You can use the list of attendees to make additional offers that they might have an interest in purchasing. You can also partner with other businesses and charge a small fee for sending their offers to your list.

    Let’s not forget vendors and sponsors. Renting out physical or advertising space will be one of your best forms of income.

  • Events Have A “Set” Close Date

    – Stocks and real estate are, “sit and wait” investments where equity and interest are built over time.Events are commonly short campaigns that having a set day that they’ll be executed.

    With events, you’ll KNOW when your profits are to be calculated and collected!

I’m sure there are other fun ways to invest your money besides stocks and real estate, but events rank at the top of our list!

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